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R.I.P. ken84050

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I received an email last night letting me know that one of our members, ken84050, passed away last week. Ken was one of my editors for the early chapters of Leopards Leap before he became too sick to continue. Before that, he provided lots of positive feedback on my earlier novel Leopard Spots.

I've asked Mike to post chapter 7 of Leopards Leap early as a dedication to Ken.

R.I.P. Ken :sad:

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Been away and only just seen this.

Sad news indeed. Ken wrote to me a few years back apropos my stories. He used his real name, and because his surname was very unusual I realised I knew him already. Though hailing from opposite ends of the earth, we had been research students together at university in the early 60s, when we saw quite a bit of each other. Then we lost touch, as one does; but we started again. He helped edit my last story, Their Finest Hour. A real gentleman, intelligent but modest, whom I for one will sadly miss.

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