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Rose Strailo

I'm Alive!!

Really, I am... :wink: I'm alive, somewhat good. Busy with life and cackling...yeah...

I can be found on Y!Gallery. It's an 18 plus site, so no link. i can also be seen on Gay Authors. Beyond that, nothing much has happened.

Rose Strailo

*sick cackle*

I've been sick...unfortunatly. I hate colds. As it is, I can't move from 10 feet from my fan without getting all hot. On top of that, I'm in lots of pain, mostly my back. I'm stuck taking some major pain killers and hoping to high hell that it will go away. It's ebil!! Ebil I say! :shock: See!!

I hate colds. But at least I've been doing a lot of writing. Finished an entry for another forum and the writing excersise that we had. It was so much fun! Now...I have a story to finish before working on something else. *ugh*

Wait! I have to do something.

I cackle! *cackles* *cough* *cough* *hack* *cough*

Rose Strailo

*mini cackle*

I'm shocked at myself. I know what I want to write for a future chapter of 'A Butterfly's Dream.' Shocking...

No, it really is shocking. I don't plan for future chapters with this much detail. I know exactly what I'm going to write and have written it down. It's now sitting in my note book mocking me...


Okay, I'm done now. It's still shocking and is still mocking me. Stupid words.

Anyways, I'm off to finish one of my fanfiction stories (I hope) and then work on a few more drabbles/one shots...

Rose Strailo

*cackle 2*

So, not only am I an original writer, but I write fanfiction. I love fanfiction. Preferably Bleach or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I've decided I want to write one shots about various Bleach pairings. I posted the request and ended up with three reviews in 30 minutes. I also ended up with 25 pairings that make me want to coo in happiness. I love it and I'm looking forward to more coming. *cackles*

Rose Strailo

*first cackle*

"I'm fine...really." That's what I said as I stumbled out of bed towards my medicine cabinet. Yeah right. I had a migraine that is still trying to put me down for the count. It ain't working!! I'm up, I alive...seriously sleepy and drugged to high heaven, but I'm up!

*grabs her water and pain killers* I'm fine really. I can at least stand staring at my screen.

One bad thing about being in pain with an over working muse is that I want to write, but I can't type for very long, so I need to write. Which makes my wrist swell up...Geez.

Okay, so, I'm done. I hope you don't mind my slight rant. I'm going back to my writing and editing work...

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