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Entry 4: Proofing a story.



So I have sent in my contributions to the AwesomeDude Fools Call.

Then discovered I had sent a wrong file.

Replaced the file, then discovered several typos that evaded my detection during the numerous proofing sessions. Yikes!

If you want to find all the errors, typos, misdemeanors, and assorted illiteracies in you story, nothing is of more assistance than posting it where the rest of the world can see it.

Oh, the shame of it all. :shame:

A friend of mine says he proofs by reading his work backwards???

I find it helps if you have a sleep, then proof it by setting the viewing screen larger so the fonts seem larger.

The trouble with proofing is that as I am also the author I keep finding little embellishments or sub-subplots to add or alter.

So I guess the answer is to offer a prize to readers who pick up any faults or errors.

I think I will offer to sleep with anyone pointing out errors in my work; In my case that should stop any criticism at all. :icon_tongue::lol:


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Oh Des, how little you know us bloggers. I should probably let you slide as you are new to this whole blogging thing. But take my word,and offer of sex to all those who find errors in your work is like dropping off a case of cheap Scotch in the middle of an AA "meeting". More than one will ponder over each story you write, including your blog entries, and even if they have to make something up, they willpoint it out and expect payment. My only hope for you is if you have a large enough bank account to cover all the plane tickets you'll bepurchasing on your credit card in the days to come. Even though I took it upon myself to warn you of making such casual statements, I am evenas I type this going over each and every story you have posted online in hopes of seeing the land down under one day soon. :icon13: Good luck on your new blog and I can't wait for your new April Fool's story to post. :inquisitive: Jason R.

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There was a local magazine which did something similar, and offer of money for each error found and located. I managed to locate enough on a regular basis to cover the cost of the annual subscription, and then some. You'd best limit your offer in some way, maybe by restricting it to foot fetish only.

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Trab, Jason,Thank you so much for the words of caution and advice.I maybe new at this blogging thing, but I only offered to "sleep".Nowhere did I offer plane tickets or any other flights of fancy, including feet, Trab. :evilgrin::icon6: Anyway, the offer seems to be having the desired effect, if as you say, Jason, people are reading through my blogs and stories.Making things up will automatically disqualify anyone unless they are particularly cute in which case I will mortgage the mortgage on the house for a jet to get to them here (subject to my banks approval.) Also, Trab in that case you can forget about restrictions to foot fetishes or getting any sleep at all.At least the statement has got you reading my stuff, and in addition you made great comments on my blog. Thank you, however, I must say that it was the first time I've been likened to case of "cheap scotch" although one one of my beaus did tell me he found me intoxicating (40 years ago). Thanks for the comments, :biggrin:

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One question if I may: You mentioned only if "they" were cute would you purchase the ticket. My question, who decides who's cute and who's not. My mother once upon a time thought I was cute. Does that mean I might apply for cute if I would find an error? And if you are the deciding vote on who's cute and who's not, how do we know you have good taste in men? Maybe you actually like ugly men, then that wouldn't be fair as I am quite striking. I don't think you are being very fair at all. Not at all. :evilgrin: Jason R.

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Jason, I could just say the judge's (that's me) decision is final and leave it at that, but you deserve more.I am very fair, I cannot even get a tan I am so fair.You don't have apply to be classified as cute. In your case Jason your comments tell me you are being cute enough to qualify.Unfortunately, the banks have suspended all extensions on mortgages where the funds will be used to fly plane loads of cute guys to Adelaide Australia. S o owing to circumstances beyond the control of the management I will have suspend the offer to sleep with winners of my proofing quest. However I will write you a thank you note. :evilgrin::biggrin: The question is not whether I have good taste in men, by the way, but whether the men taste good to me.As for your mother thinking you were cute, I wouldn't doubt that for a minute. She probably told you like mine did to me that, "you are special," which I course, I have never doubted. :icon6:

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as I am quite striking
. I used to be striking too, but after a particularly long one of 42 days, I gave up. Mind you, some of those other guys on the picket lines were striking too.
The question is not whether I have good taste in men
I'm sure that, like a weiner in a bun, or the baloney in a sandwich, you have good taste in men. On the other hand, I'm not sure which part I'd nibble on first, the meat in the middle, or the delectables on the outside, and the condiments/sauce is to die for. Mixed nuts too.Yes, my mother doted on me too. "My precious little thing," she'd call me. Now I'm just 'precious little', and even worse, 'little thing.'
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OK Trab you get the Comment of the Day Award for that little ? outburst.Expect to see a blond blue-eyed Aussie Surfer youth in your letter box in a moth or so, (unless of course he goes missing in the post.) :evilgrin:

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Expect to see a blond blue-eyed Aussie Surfer youth in your letter box in a moth
I'd rather see him in a MONTH, but thanks, now I get two of them. I can hardly wait, although I must confess I like them a little bigger. Anyone skinny enough to get through the letter slot could get lost inside and I'd need to have surgical intervention. The damned gerbil was embarrassing enough.
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