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All About Eve or Stupid Words Strung Together to Form Sentences

Jason Rimbaud


All about Eve or Stupid Words Strung Together to Form Sentences

He left the two laughing, his blue eyes searching the crowd for Brandon, hoping he wouldn't run into anyone else he knew. After going to the bar, he ordered another beer and sipped it slowly.

"Hi, how are you?" a deep voice called out from behind.

Turning around, he looked into the smiling face of Justin, another one of Brandon's bandmates. "Hi. I'm fine, and you?"

"Bored," Justin replied, shrugging. "But then I'm always bored at these kind of parties." Holding up a full martini, he laughed, saying, "But this always helps."

"Yes, I agree. Insulation always helps." Gabriel said before draining his beer, ordering another.

"Alcohol is good for many things," Justin continued, never taking his eyes off the longhaired man.

"Such as?" Gabriel asked, returning the gaze intently.

"Like forgetting, or maybe enhancing certain feelings we usually keep hidden." Justin stated.

"Really," Gabriel said. "And here I was thinking it was only good for getting wasted."

Laughing a deep rich laugh, Justin shook his head. "Oh no, my friend. You see, alcohol affects the brain, and when you've consumed too much, you do stupid things."

"Really. I"ve never noticed."

"Really." Justin said, pointing over towards Brandon, who was trapped between four older ladies. "Take him for instance. He gets that way after a few beers. One time, he told Robert DeNiro that he was one of the most overrated actors of all time."

"Now that's funny." Gabriel said, chuckling at the thought of someone telling Robert DeNiro off. "I bet that was the first time anyone told that jackass the truth."

Waving his hands, Justin said, "That's beside the point, we were talking about alcohol and it's effects. Take this other friend of mine." This time Justin pointed to a tall dark haired man talking to a pretty blond girl over in the corner across the room. "Alcohol makes him believe something he's not. When he's drinking, he can forget all about his true nature."

Musing over Justin's statements, Gabriel still couldn't figure out what the blond man was talking about. He asked, "And what does alcohol do to, someone like you?"

"Me? Nothing, I'm the same asshole drunk or sober," Justin stated, grinning broadly. "But what I'm worried about, is you."

"What about me?"

"What does alcohol make you do?" Justin asked, his face turning serious.

"For one, it gives me the patience to answer stupid questions from people I don't know." Gabriel said. "And for two, it makes me realize that some people shouldn't drink martini's. Excuse me."

Gabriel started walking away, but Justin grabbed his arm, saying, "Wait."

Gabriel pulled his arm from Justin's grip, saying, "Yes?"

A smile returned to Justin's face. Downing the rest of his martini, he said, "I like you. I do. But I don't want a certain friend of mine to get hurt."

Feigning ignorance, Gabriel asked, "What do you mean?"

Shaking his head, Justin said, "Absolutely nothing. I just wanted to tell you that you should be carefu what you drink. Other than that, have fun." Turning around, he ordered another martini. Looking over his shoulder, he said, "Besides, I haven't seen him smile in months."


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What can I say to that? "Editor needed, stat"It's interesting, and even a bit mysterious, and sadly entertaining, in a melancholy way, but ... it's certainly not the best you can do, I'm sure, but you'll need to put down that martini first. :evilgrin:

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Some good quips in there Jason.I think your sentences are a prelude to writing a story, gestating in the womb of your creative mind. :evilgrin: If I still drank I'd have a brandy and milk to help things along. :biggrin:

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