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Saved By the Fates

Jason Rimbaud


Something strange has been happening the last three days. Beginning on Saturday night, I have been trying to reply either in the forums or post a rather...err...hostile blog message. But somehow, for three days in a row sometihng has stopped me from posting.

The first time, I was rather drunk Saturday night and fed up with a few things I have been reading in the forums. After writing a long rant, filled with anger and curse words, I closed the window without hitting the "add reply" button in my drunken state. Save number ONE.

The second time, Sunday night, after trying to construct the same entry, I was unsure of my spelling so I hit the spell check. For some reason, the spell check button wasn't working. (though it worked before that time and ever since) So when I went to download a spell checker, I accidently closed the window again before hitting the proper button. Save number TWo.

The last time, Monday night, I attempted to post it again. But this time, right in the middle, I recieved a phone call. It was a boy I have been trying to get to know better. While we were doing a bit of chit and chat, I was absently toying with my computer. Again, I closed the window and lost the entry again.

In the time since that failed attempt and now, I began to realize that fate might have been on my side for once and maybe, just maybe, has a bit of compassion for this stupid fool. Saving me from looking the asshole that I no doubt would have looked if I managed to post what I wanted too. Now, a few days later, I realized that I shouldn't really care what someone has to say in a forum/topic that I'm not even directly involved with more than just a casual read.

I"m not sure why I depise this "person" so much that I wouuld attack him for something he said to another. To my knowledge, this person and I haven't ever spoken/wrote. Maybe it's the arrogant way he writes in the forums, or maybe his opinion just gets my ass chapped. And for some reason, I figured I should tell him how stupid he appears in these forums.

Yet, I've been pondering these feelings. I've come to the conclusion that what he says really doesn't affect me in any way UNLESS I allow them to affect my spirit. And ignoring this person actually saves me time, when I see his name, I'll just skip over whatever he wrote. Then I won't become angry, I won't spend two hours constructing a reply that would only make me look foolish.

Because next time, fate could just decide to allow me to post my replies and then I'll have to wear the asshole crown.

Jason R.


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You probably should do it via a private message. The most "assholish" personalities are (in my opinion) XX, XX, XX*, and me -- but I will go out on a limb and state we're probably not assholes in real life. So before you go flaming someone just remember not everyone communicates well online and for some of those people it's just a persona. Or maybe it's someone else entirely. But I can tell you by the emails I receive from some people, they take the forums far too seriously. If you really want to take someone to task, make sure it's what they really think first. Just my two cents.* XX naming someone serves no purpose but I can tell you for the most part they ain't assholes, they just play one on television.

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The fates stepping in sounds about right. I dunno what you were about to say, but I'm probably glad you didn't ... On the other hand it might have been entertaining! ;)The problem with 'relationships' on-line is that we're bereft of the majority of the senses that we rely on so heavily in real conversation. Watching body language, tone of voice etc. Often people who think they are being frightfully witty (me, for instance) come off as being utter twats, and humour changes vastly depending where you're from.

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Hey Wibby,My thoughts exactly. I've been mis-understood several times, usually because I wrote in the moment. My fingers can't keep up with my mind and I leave words out or I think one word and type another. And though everyone tells me I should read back what I wrote, I normally shoot it off without ever re-reading it. So I get that I might have mis-understood or that person can't convey exactly what he means online no better than I. And I could go into detail about why this person makes me envision doing bodily harm against him, but there really isn't a need. I probably will always detest this person. Maybe in the real world I would like him...naw, if he's that arrogant online, he's that much of an asshole in real life. But again, I digress.As for naming names, it wouldn't serve a purpose. It would only cause problems that I really don't need in my life. My therepist thinks I'll calm down with age, I'm not sure but I can always hope. If I can continue to learn from these little lessons, then I'll be a much better person for it. As usual, you give sound advice. For a raccoon, sometimes rabid raccoon, you make a lot of "cents". :inquisitive: Jason R.

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Hey Camy, You would be entertained watching me enter into a word battle with someone who could probably confuse and destroy me at will. :inquisitive: I did not know that Emu's were so....devilish. As for relying on body langauge, tone of voice, I agree. I hate using emoticons but at times, it would clarify what I'm saying. Like the above sentence, in real life, I would have said that with a complete straight face. Trusting that if I had taken the time to actually speak with you, that you would be smart enough to get when I'm taking a piss at your expense. And if you didn't get the joke, then it would be even better. I have a dry sense of humor and not everyone gets me. Plus like you said, HUMOR, just like spelling changes depending where you're from. And I have it on good authority that I'm really not that funny to Emu's. But with real people, I kill 'em. Completely un-related, but my therepists thinks I'm nicer onlilne than I am in real life. If I would've been listening to the person I was refering to, I would not have hestitated in telling him to shut the fuck up. Maybe I should do all my speaking online from now on. It might get me a few friends. .....................................................................Fuck that. I've a hard enough time with dealing with just one friend. Couldn't possibly take on another friend until Daniel dies.Was that a joke?Jason R.

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