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Talk Like a Pirate Day: Aftermath

This year's Talk Like a Pirate Day went quite well. First, I flew a black flag from my car and drove around playing pirate songs with my windows down.

Pirate playlist:

Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins

David Rovics - Black Flag Flying

Lazytown - You Are a Pirate

Flogging Molly - Salty Dog

Mutiny - Here's to Adventure

Pirates of the Carribean Soundtrack - He's a Pirate

Flogging Molly - Queen Anne's Revenge

Murder by Death - Dead Men and Sinners

Rockin' Chair - Wooden Boats, Iron Men

Tom Smith - Talk Like a Pirate Day (official theme song)

The Mad Caddies - Weird Beard

Bread and Roses - Let the Wind and the Sea be my Grave

After I finished with that, I dressed in full pirate garb (puffy shirt, feathered hat with a skull-and-bones insignia, stuffed parrot on shoulder, eyepatch, etc.) and went to the library, where I checked out Mutiny on the Bounty and Treasure Island. One of the librarians was celebrating, too (I guess you could call her a bookaneer...but it'd probably be best if you didn't), so we took a few pictures together.

By that time my roommate was awake, so we went to a nearby grocery store and had a swordfight in the parking lot. All nearby buckles were sufficiently swashed. Aftewards, I did some juggling, picking up enough in tips to buy us some water.

Then, we came back home to watch yesterday's episode of Wife Swap. No, that's not something I'd normally do, but one of the families was a pirate family, the husband being none other than Ol' Chumbucket, co-creator of Talk Like a Pirate Day and co-author of "Pirattitude!". Captain Slappy, the other co-creator, made an appearance as well.

All in all, it was my best TLAP Day yet.

"Anarchy! The scourge of every sea! The Antichrist abord a rig, with us, your cut-throat thieves!"

-"Salty Dog" by Flogging Molly

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A pirate gets shipwrecked. When he wakes up, he's on a beach. The sand is dark red. He can't believe it. The sky is dark red. He walks around a bit and sees that there is dark red grass, dark red birds and dark red fruit on the dark red trees. He's shocked when he finds that his skin is starting to turn dark red too. "ARGHHHH!!" he says, "I think I've been marooned!!"

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