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  1. The big problem comes from the changing meaning of "regulated." Back then, it didn't mean some overseeing authority imposing limitations on gun ownership, but rather the sense of a systematic, consistent organizational model, rather than a rag-tag assembly of armed men. Gun ownership itself was a given, part of a person's everyday equipment for protection of their life and property - from animals as well as other people - in a world in which the concept of a governmental police force was still decades away, and in eary America where a standing army was still non-existent.
  2. Paul

    Story symbols

    What does the triangle made of three green arrows signify? Eco-friendly recycling?😁
  3. Sounds like Yankee by The Zot. https://gayauthors.org/story/thezot/yankee/
  4. The first two chapters have engaged me. You're right about the excellence of the writing. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. Though high school freshman Derrick is a top player in the school band, he's terrifically shy. Sensing this, and more, his visiting grandfather hatches a plan. That doesn't give away more of the plot than the title does, but you find out something helpful about the protagonists and the situation. The reader can go into it knowing this isn't likely a melodramatic action piece, but relationship- and doing-life-oriented.
  6. Well, can you beet that. Now, orange you sorry you started this? I'd keep going, but I really gotta take a leek.
  7. I certainly find the kind of thing Talo is talking about very useful when browsing potential reading matter, regardless of source or genre.
  8. Driver's The Quarry perhaps? http://www.storiesbydriver.net/quarry.htm
  9. Well, anyone reading Chapter 18 would also see a link to the Epilogue at the end of that.
  10. The Epilogue to Colin's Baxter is posted but not directly linked. You need to click the link to the story on the Codey's World home page, which takes you to the chapter index where there's a link to the Epilogue. (I posted this here because for some reason I don't have the option to either reply or start a new topic on the Codey's World Forum.)
  11. On my 27" iMac running OS Mojave it works just as Talo says. The text gets larger, but the area in which it appears doesn't, so no horizontal scrolling is necessary. Same on both Safari and Firefox, and also works this way on iPad/Safari.
  12. That was my favorite part of the Peacher series until Son of the Chav Prince came along. I enjoyed many of the other stories, but my interest waned as the supernatural angle became more central. A not-my-cup-of-tea kind of thing. But Arram is a master at characterization, and Son of the Chav Prince is both very funny and extremely touching. Both should be read together to get a full appreciation of both characters and their connection in the later story.
  13. Because Kevin is quite obviously Colin's alter ego. He's thoroughly organized, methodical and uses all the latest digital tools and devices with expertise to aid him in being so. How is that not like Colin?
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