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Me, Myself, I pt XXVI



Umm. I had a reason to blog, but it seems to be escaping me at the moment. Most odd.

Anyway ... so I found a box of Cassettes that had - once I dug an old cassette machine out of the loft and found a lead to attach it to the computer - some amazing AMAZING stuff on them. Like the rehearsal at Solid Light where I fell asleep over the drum kit in the middle of a song. Hmm, I suppose gouched out is closer to the truth: it was a long time ago. Then there are the first few recordings I made with M. Before we erm ... well, before he told me he umm ... loved me.

Times and places are wonderful. I only wish I'd made a few more sensible decisions. Arse I am.

When we were in Germany I recorded everything. I'd set up the desk, fire up the Atari and keyboards, plug in the guitar and ... what a load of crap! :hehe:

Though there are a few tracks I'm inordinately proud of. A few that have stood the test of time.



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That pic is just too cute for words.... :happy::lol::wink::blush::lol::blush: Bruin, going 'aaah'.P.S. Incidentally, 'Me, Myself, I' is a great track and album by Joan Armatrading - you can't have it!
:wink: I've heard it a gazillion times - I worked on the tour for that album. You do know she's gay?
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