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Walk Under Ladders Pt XXVII



I'm marginally happier now since I finished www.camysgaff.com, and Codey's 'Broken Heart'.

It's kind of strange that I worked harder on that song than I ever work on my own stuff. I know I'm genuinely lazy, but that - that recording - has shown me I can achieve more if I want to. Now all I need is a month in a proper studio and a band. Fat chance.

My new short 'Gin' was almost finished when I showed it to a mate. Now: I'm ripping it apart and re-writing. I wanted to post it soon, but there it is. One day it'll see the light of day.

I've had two shorts accepted for 'www.iomfats.org', which I'm chuffed about ... and the weather seems to be getting better, too. I don't know what it is about the weather that affects my moods, but Lord do I get depressed during the winter. Yes, yes, I know it's raining outside. I'm not that stupid.


*shuffles off to write another line or two before tea*


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Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD. There is help for that, which is ultra bright lights in a particular spectrum. Failing that, get as much fluorescent light as you can. Basically, without the light, you get depressed and lethargic, a sort of hibernation mode, almost.

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Camy, you are just being a perfectionist.As for Trab's SAD, he is right. However if you are in front of the monitor or exposed to a lot of fluorescent lighting you should increase your vitamin A. A good multivitamin pill will take care of that for you.Broken Heart is outstanding. :happy:

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Camy, I really enjoyed the song. It was extremely well done. Good job! :happy: As for the seasonal thing, it is fairly common here (they actually do this big seminar thing freshman year of college we were required to attend and they tell all about it). There are lots of tricks to help with it. Just do some research. I actually worked with someone who had it and it was quite severe with him. He always had like a florescent light shining over whatever he was doing. I wondered how it didn't hurt his eyes.

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Thanks for the comments about 'Broken Heart'! As to SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yes, I know I suffer from it, but the weather - especially bleak cold with rain seems to exacerbate it.Bleak is the perfect descriptor for both the weather and my moods.Apparently there are people who suffer the opposite: RSAD or Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder. They get the symptoms in summer! That I don't understand at all. I love LOVE summer. Long days, warm temperature. Even the rain in summer is wondrous.Ain't the human psyche an amazing thing?Wikipedia's SAD

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You might also try a negative ion (good ions) generator. Although I have never seen it listed as an aid with SAD, I know that it removes a lot of the moulds and spores of winter ugly things out of the air, and can help tremendously with your body's reaction to those infestations. It also counteracts a bit of the positive charges in most houses due to plastic carpets, electronic equipment, and even electric heating systems. Burning gas for heat generally reduces the positive ions (bad ions) in a house.

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Hi Camy. I finally signed up to AW, and I'm listening to "Broken Heart" now.Very nicely sung, with your usual pitch-perfect range and the kind of emotionality that's intense but believable because not melodramatic. Envious, me? Huh!I also enjoyed the arrangement and production - it's got the sweetness of a typical C & M number, but punchier than before, with more prominent in the bass.With everything that's moving in your pipeline (oo er missus), it looks like the muse has visited and decided to stay. No doubt with his feet on your couch and keeping you awake at odd hours with inspiration.

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Camy, your music's great. Don't sell yourself short. At least 10 people so far have told Tim and me how much they love Broken Heart, and we've been pointing them to your other music through Codey's World, AD Radio, and Camy's Gaff.I hope we'll hear a lot more from you in the near future, in whatever projects you're dreaming up behind the scenes.

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