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Seeing as I foolishly decided to have a 32-ounce frappuccino from QuikTrip, I am now unable to sleep. This, of course, means that tomorrow morning, at exactly 10:40, I will enter my Advanced Chemistry class looking like a sleep-deprived, slightly well-dressed hobo. I really hope that cute guy decides not to go to class tomorrow :shrug:.

My life has been a bit chaotic these past two weeks. I am once again drowning in tons of hw, but I guess I sort of enjoy it. Drowning in familiar waters is much more enjoyable than swimming without a sense of direction.

I have once again started writing poetry (wow, I say 'once again' a lot), which will be uploaded to my site sometime this or next week. I haven't written any short stories, but I think I shall start very soon. I feel like writing something depressing, as always, but I'll try to make my stupid lovely muse write something happy and romantic. *Pats self on back*

Going over some of my other shorts, I've realized that I sound like a complete foreigner. Oh Buddha, I guess I really am a foreigner after all. Damn, all of these years trying to assimilate to American culture and now I find out that I will never truly be an American [/sarcasm].

I've been listening to all of these political-debate radio stations while driving from home to school, and I have to say that I am very impressed. I didn't know conservatives had all of them so intelligently controlled [/sarcasm^2]. I just keep hearing about McCain being this facade-slut, Hillary being a better bet for conservatives than McCain (now that Giuliani is out of the race), and how Obama is one racist bastard. Oh, and the occasional 'wall of shame' discussion. Though I think they refer to it as establishing a border.

Hmm, I really don't get it. They're starting to call every politician that doesn't endorse the wall an 'open-borders Advocate'. There's no such thing as an open border. It's just a fuckin' border. These conservative idiots are turning things around, denying the similarities between the 'wall of shame' and the berlin wall, as well as the Great Wall of China (bahaha, don't take me seriously, I'm ranting).

This is just absolutely ridiculous. I don't get it at all. Statistics show that while many immigrants DO cross the border illegally, they don't do it via the actual 'unprotected' borders. In fact, they do it via coyotes, and with the help of our [very numerous] corrupt border officers. Building a wall will only make these illegal immigrants overstay, because a big chunk of them only come for seasonal work, and then go back to their country of origin. These 'conservatives' are using the issue of immigration as a coverup for the real problem: an economically-failing presidency 8 years overdue [bush reference #1]. And now they want to make up for it by attacking not only McCain, but also Bush. Oh lord, what a great way to make yourself look like an idiot.

"McCain is not a true conservative"--radio talk show host


Wow. I have no sense of politics. I'm sorry. I really should stop listening to those radio shows. They're affecting me.

Anyway, since I can't sleep and I obviously won't be able to for the entire night--for I have a very LOW tolerance for caffeine-- I have now opened a word document, a spreadsheet, and a browser window. I'm looking at directions for my biology lab, which is due in about a week. Let me get an early start.

Maddy (:


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I understand what you are saying about homework. During winter break I didn't notice the lack of it so much because I was so busy with other stuff, but my first week or two back I was totally lost. I was so used to feeling behind in my work that when I wasn't I didn't know what to do. I still had that high adrenaline/panicky procrastinator feeling going on, but with nothing super important to do. It was somewhat surreal. As for the politics, it is overwhelming. You are totally bombarded with it from all forms of media. And even if you are interested in politics, it gets to be too much. It seems like it has been all that my friends and I have talked about, and every politician's stance is totally ludicrous in some way. You don't REALLY believe any of them, and it is just deciding on the lesser of the evils. Which for me is usually Independent or Green and then I feel like I am just not voting at all (at least in presidential elections). My advice, try not to listen too closely at what they are all saying until it is time for you to decide who to vote for. Then do some research. It saves on the confusion and upset listening to it all every day. It doesn't really solve the problem of how ludicrous some of the stuff you hear can be, but at least you don't hear it nonstop.

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They're building a WALL between the US and Mexico?! :icon13: Oh God... America's gonna be the next N. Korea...
If that happens and they bring out another TV show based on MASH, I'm moving to London.Jason R.
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