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67. Writer's Blog



Writer?s Blog

By DesDownUnder ?2008

Blog?s can be really great fun to write.

No pressure, no meaning to requite,

No Pulitzer Prize to win

Just meandering words,

Fooling around in sin,

Looking for pity, or worse.

So why can?t I find a way to deflect

The horrors of my day in some subject

With electronic pen

To write and please, of course,

All those who come to spend,

Some time, looking at my curse.

Alone I sit watching an empty screen,

Patiently waiting for those words unseen,

Yet this cannot be so,

Some word not to be first,

From all those that I know,

Not to start, a new verse.

Lurking in the back of my blanked out mind,

Are all those needed words I cannot find,

As they hide and huddle

?Fraid of my writer?s blog

I realise my trouble

Is really writer?s block.


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Des Seinfeld? Taking a cue from the TV show about nothing, you write a poetic blog about not being able to write a blog? Bah.You writers make me ill. When I can't write anything (which is surprisingly often), I end up with this:


See it? Thought not. :hehe:

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Great poem! Hmm... which makes me wonder... what do you call a 'poet's block'?A 'poet's block'? :hehe: Maddy (:
Poetic license suspended?C
You only get your poetic licence suspended if you exceed the number of rhymes allowed in any given meter.Poetic blocks however, can be erected in the pathway of a runaway poem, where the poet has lost control of his verse.
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I spoke to the b\f recently. He's asked me to keep tabs on you, so we're communicating on and off now and then occasionally.When it comes to erections, which do come up in conversation with him, him being that sort of fellow and all, it appears he has his work cut out for him these days. He says it's the heat, not the age of his partner that's the problem. I ask if heat rash is bothering anyone, and he says that might be, but he's diligently, assiduously even, rubbing in all sorts of lotions on the afflicted spot, or is it spots, and the thing seems to be dead.If it's a dead issue, quips I, then maybe it's dead tissue, too, but he promises me he'll keep trying, and even mentioned mouth to mouth, resuscitatingly, although that didn't seem quite right as it wasn't the mouth that seemed to have the heat rash.Anyway, I have to stop here because these converstations with him were quite tought-provoking, or at least provoking of these erections we were discussing, and I need to get back to that.C

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If the b/f ever stumbles on that post I am the one that will have to administer mouth to mouth and it won't be to erect anything.::thinks:: hmmm, on second thoughts I might just leave it up on the screen where he can see it. -No better not, I don't want to have to explain to the authorities why he died looking at the monitor. :hehe:

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