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Belated Birthday Wishes

Jason Rimbaud


I saw a picture of Camy and his boyfriend, M today.

Just want to say...wow...Camy is yummy for being such an old man.

I can't believe his birthday was a few days ago and somehow I missed wishing him the best. So I'll do something out of character, I'll make this blog entry all about someone else today.

Just to let him know we all are thinking about him...take a moment and send him another or for the first time, birthday wishes and to congrats him for turning the big 50 while managing to look younger than me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMY! Best wishes for you and M, I couldn't be happier.

Well, I could be happier...we could share a pint for your birthday, that would make me happier. Or Mark and I could go away for a few days...though you really can't help me with that.

Or could you?

How rich are you? I'm assuming by now, 50 years old, you have to have something socked away for a rainy day. Care to make a donation to the Mark and I getting away for some out of town sex fund?

Jason (happy to dedicate this blog entry to Camy)

I just realized, this is two blog entries in a row where Camy is being featured. I hope M don't get made at this silly American for flirting a tad with Camy. But then I saw his picture, M has nothing to worry about. Camy has way better taste than me.

Jason (for real ending this Shiite)


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Thank you Jason, you are ... umm ... :hehe: *coughs*jason-nearlysmiling.jpgI'm glad to see you're nearly, oh so very nearly smiling. :hehe: Camywho might or might not be as old as some people think he is.

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