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More Sunday babbling



... because it's Sunday, which means I haven't blogged for a week. Not that that's anything to write home about: I've not a lot to say. However, now I shall vent as I'm annoyed, and might well soon be ill. Why? Because I happen to like cold coffee and hate flys.

Obvious then it is to cover one's coffee mug: and if not, at least check for alien invaders before drinking from it. Obvious to all but me, sadly. :dry:

A mouth full of coffee (nice) and a large fly (not so nice) is enough to send even the sanest Emu over the edge, and trundling down the hill of despair and insanity. Especially if the only sympathy said Emu receives is rampant laughter. :stare:


I don't rave about bands a lot. I've no idea why. Perhaps it's because I don't think there are many brilliant new bands out there. Anyway, now I've found one. 'Elbow' are really, really good. And I don't say that lightly. Not that I think their name rawks. Far from it. It's a bit meh, really. Or, to put it in stronger terms: their name sucks. BUT, their music is sublime!

They are the best thing I've heard in an age and a half, and their album 'The Seldom Seen Kid' is just Mmmm! Check them out if you've a mind ... or even if you don't. :icon_rabbit:


- on You Tube

- on You Tube


Housework really pisses me off. It's such an unmitigated waste of time (I know you can meditate while hoovering, but it's damn dangerous when doing the stairs). So, I've been pondering the idea of selling my un-made bed. If Tracy Emin can sell her's to Charles Saatchi for ?250,000 - then surely mine must be worth something. It's got lots of 'things' hers hasn't, and I'd even sign a manuscript (perchance I ever finish one) and leave it under the pillows.

So, umm, any offers would be most welcome. :icon_rabbit:

Yours, ever hopeful,


- edited to fix the link to 'The Bones of You' - Thanks Des.


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Elbow is a breath of fresh air. I could even understand the words.They have a certain ethereal quality while also being down to Earth.Thanks for the links, but the "Bones of you" only goes to a photo.As for your bed, does it come with you in it? :icon_rabbit: I do house work every 5 years whether the place needs it or not.

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First of all...Elbow are good. Elbow are surprisingly good. Elbow are very good.Odd how we can say "very good indeed" but not "surprisingly good indeed". Hmm.They're what James Blunt thought he was, what The Beta Band could have been, and what Oasis should have been.Dennis Potter said "Elbow" was the most beautiful sounding word in the English langage. Tolkien said something similar about "Cellar Door".As for Tracy Emin's bed, it wasn't actually her bed. For the obviousl reason that she was sleeping in her bed while the famous "My Bed" was on display. An early draft of the "bed" installation involved the sheets covered in blood. So there.Coffee and flies. I like having flies in my mouth, and coffee is usually the excuse for putting them there. I bet you got that sentence as you were reading it for the second time.Do Emu's actually have quills? Do they have the right kind of feather, or is it just parrots?

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As for your bed, does it come with you in it? :lol:
It's not the bed that's coming, but the emu. And probably ON it and not IN it, considering it's a bed. But with an emu who knows?
I was trying to be subtle, but I should have known better with a raccoon and an emu running around. :icon_rabbit::lol: The emu could have been coming all over the bed for all we know. :wink:
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