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Sunday babbling.



Sunday. Sunday, Sunday, oh tranquil ol' Sunday.

The day of rest, so sayeth the wise.

Unless, of course, you've decided - in a moment of skint fiscal madness (and not my own, I hasten to add) - to 'do' a car boot sale.

"Must I?"

"Oh yes, it's fun, and we'll make money!" It's not that we ever do make money - or enough to write home about, anyway - but generally we have a laugh.

"Oh okay then. But you have to get me up." (minds out of gutter please).

So ... on Sunday morning I wake up, glare at the cat - who can sleep on, and stumble downstairs for coffee. Finally I phone him. It rings and rings. Eventually:

"Mmmm ... uh ... what time is it?"

"You were supposed to call ME!"

"Oh ... so, uh ...."

I relent and almost laugh. After all, I've had coffee. "I'll pick you up in half an hour, it's a beautiful day."

"Umm ... do you still want to, then?" Unfortunately, I adore going back to bed: especially when I shouldn't. And even more so when I can get up later and watch Formula 1! Yay! W00T!

A few hours later, during a commercial break, I get an email:

Dearest Emu, I should be taken outside and horsewhipped.

If you don't hear from me again, you can have all my equipment,

(maybe you'll get a tenner for it).

I am now going to disappear into the sea with some sad music playing,

(some of my own, of course).

Don't mourn for me, I don't deserve it.

Goodbye cruel world.

Lots of love, M.

Guffawing, I turn off the TV and drive over - thus missing the conclusion of, probably, the best race of the season.

Ain't love strange? :icon_rabbit:

Sebastian Vettel won. At 21, the youngest ever winner of Formula 1.


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I know my comment will be pointless, but it's a fun little aside. Locally, a church group decided to hold a 'garage sale' to raise money. They had people bring lots of items for sale, and then had the sale. The next day, a group renting their hall complained about the high temperature. Someone was called to investigate the air conditioning system, to find that during the garage sale they had sold off a major, and expensive, component of their A/C system, probably for about 50 cents. They have now mounted a publicity campaign to see if they can get the part back, in exchange for the 50 cents paid for it. Aren't volunteers just soooo helpful?

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It's a zoo alright and I'm in the friggin' monkey cage.
An orangutan is not a monkey.
Thank God someone out there knows I am in the wrong cage.(I'm also on the wrong planet, but that can wait for another time.) :icon_rabbit:
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