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3rd time around / the weather



I guess it's time to come clean and admit that no matter how hard I try I am an inveterate pantser. It's one of the reasons I mainly write short stories and not long and rambling novelesque things.

All that seems to remain from my outline are the locations and characters, their names and their descriptions. Everything else has gone out of the window. Good or bad? I have no idea, and don't care so long as I get to the end of the first draft: then I can fix what's bust.

I think I'm enjoying 'Worth' a lot more than I enjoyed either of the two that came in previous Novembers. Part of it is that there are a lot of us taking part this year. All of which means precisely nothing - except now I've said it I'll probably end up hating the thing and giving up - not!

Onwards and upwards!


I HATE days like this. It's bleak, grey, and drizzling. I came to the conclusion a while ago that I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). It's a sad, sad situation (thanks Elton) so with the aid of Amazon I bought a thing called a GoLite M2. It's the latest toy on the block for sad hypochondriac pantsers, and I've had it for a little over two weeks, now. Umm, and I think it's working!

Yay me!



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Pantsers of the world unite! It's the only way to be!Go it Camy, I can't wait to read your story.I'm intrigued by your cure for S.A.D. and I'm sorry to hear the weather was so grotty. Today here it's glorious winter sunshine and I was invited to go for a motorbike ride and found it very difficult to steel myself to say No - more important matters in hand.I have a suggestion for an effective cure for S.A.D. It's available at the beginning of every Winter, just after the clocks go back, and its effects last several months, most of the way through the winter gloom. It's called NaNoWriMo, and it gives a glow of achievement that is enough to banish the blues and brighten your mood...HugsBruin

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What is this NaNoWriMo of which you speak? Does it involve Tits carrying coconuts across oceans vast and deep? Because if it does I can tell thee that Tits don't cut it. You need at least a matched pair of sterling Starlings, or preferably, a thoroughly spoilt Albatross.Hmm, obviously I've overcooked myself with the blue-light treatment. Baaaaaa! Hugs back atcha, BruinCamy

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I've been reading the material on the lights, as I sadly have SAD too, but the price has depressed me beyond measure. I think maybe I should just set my desktop with a snow scene and bask in the light of that.

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