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Hey y'all!

Wow, a month since the last time I wrote an entry, but no one cares. lol. I am on Thanksgiving break, and thank God...I need to sleep in! lol. I'm excited that Tara and her family is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow... Wow, it is the first Thanksgiving without Saul, but I am really thankful that I still have so many memories that I have created with Saul. Well, I regret that we have never got a chance to make new memories such as taking him to the club (we were supposed to on his birthday but...yeah) and so many things. I remember last year Thanksgiving...Saul's last Thanksgiving on Earth. It was so much fun and yet, thankful. Christmas is in four weeks away and I am so excited about that! But, still, it is too hard since it is the first Christmas I will experience without Saul. Last year Christmas, Saul and I had exchanged the present. I still have my present from Saul last year. It is a photo of us at soccer championship, with a frame that says, "Best friends forever" and soccer balls around the frame. It is one of my most favorite presents, ever because it is from Saul's thoughts and kindness. I know that I said this a lot of times, but he is always in my thoughts, memories and heart. I miss him so much that I am really hurting a lot.

Last month, I have discovered that the driver, who was critically injured in April, when the bad car accident happened, was in the court. He is in wheelchair because he has physical damage due to the accident. He was plead not guilty since his lawyer said that it was just an accident and the judge dismissed the case. But, the driver just had another trial, but I haven't heard of what is happening lately, but I will find out. Saul's father said, while standing next to Saul's grave, that it is all his (the driver's) fault and he should deserved to be in 15-20 years in prison but this will not bring Saul and Quintin back. Well, I am not angry with the driver, but I just wished that they all didn't fooled around. If they took the driving seriously, the driver wouldn't be in the wheelchair or Saul and Quintin would have been alive. But, there is no way to undo this thing, and all I have to do is to grieve then accept it and move on. I don't know how I will react when April 2009 will comes up, but this defintely will not be so easy. Saul's birthday and death are in the same month, and obviously, this is still difficult to know this.

Obama won. That's great. He will make a great president. America now have the VERY first African American president ever. I am sure that next four years will be so memorable. I didn't like McCain that much because he is like Bush all over again, and I cannot handle another Bush-like President again. Before election, I was hoping that McCain will not win, and if he did win, I would pull my hair out and screaming. Thankfully, that will not happen! lol. I am sure that Saul is pleased that Obama had won, and I'll bet that he is cheering and jumping up and down up there. I remember Saul saying to me that when election day comes, he will defintely vote for Obama. Remember, he was supposed to be 18 years old 10 days after the accident but never got to celebrate. He never got a chance to vote. But, I know that Saul will be happy that I did vote on election day.

Well, I visited my high school and surprised my former teachers. It was weird that I was back in high school after six months of not being there and more weird that I am not a high school student anymore. But anyways, it was so much fun but I had some bad memories of there regarding Saul's death. But I just went there anyways, and don't let the bad memories get me. I am so proud of myself! I spent a lot of time talking to my most favorite teacher ever, my 10th grade global teacher. He is very understanding and caring. He helped me to get through hard times, since he is teaching psychology classes (no hes not psychologist, but is global and psychology teacher). I am going to visit my high school and see teachers again when I come home for Christmas break, which is only three weeks away! YAY!

Got to run, so have a memorable and wonderful Thanksgiving with your familiy and friends! Eat a lots of food, especially turkey! lol.


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