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Halloween, VJ, and stuff



Hey y'all!

Well, it seems like that I am still alive, so that's a good thing to you all! lol. I hope that you all are doing well past few weeks and now. I hope that you all enjoyed your fun times. I'm doing well in college and the college life is awesome. I didn't really party that much, because I know that school works are always important and is my first priority. This weekend, I went home and spend times with family and Tara. :icon_rabbit: Tara is the best girlfriend I ever have and I love her more than everyday. We have terrific times together on this weekend. I still talk to her over the webcame, AIM, phone and facaebook. WE are keeping our relationship stronger and alive, no matter how far we are. We can visit each other on each college as we can, and we can go home for some weekends to spend times together. This is most important thing to me, and I do not care if people thinks that it's impossible. To me, it is very possible because we do work on how to keep our relationship strong. Communication is very important to me and that's how our relationship is getting much stronger because we express our feelings to each other. Like I said before, I love her more than everyday, and she is a great girlfriend I ever ask for. She is supportive of me and is understanding. That's all I want!

October is here already and that means that Halloween is coming up now. The people in the dorm room across my room had awesome Halloween decorations on their dorm door, and it is extremely cool! Halloween always remind me of a brave boy, VJ. VJ's most favorite holiday of the all is Halloween. He had awesome Halloween parties and we throughly enjoyed them! Additionally, he loved to go to trick or treating when he was younger. That is his favorite activity of Halloween. :icon_rabbit: VJ had been through a hardship. He battled against brain cancer for ten years...yes, I said ten years. It was a very long battle for VJ. He was first diagnosed with brain cancer when he was in second grade, in the year of 1997. He endured a brain surgery and rounds of chemotherapy treatments. He fought against brain cancer with his strength and his strong faith in God. He always kept his positive attitude on to beat this monster. He fought so bravely and beat it. He lead a normal life, even though he was a sick boy. He enjoyed to be back in the school after he was in remission, and enjoyed making new friends. He did very well in his academics, even though he had some difficulty; but he got some help from the teachers in order to help him to achieve his goal. Sadly, in seventh grade, to everybody's worst fear, his cancer had came back...He relapsed. Again, VJ underwent brain surgery, and round after round of chemotherapy treatments. He was on chemo for few months, and was declared to be in remission. He fought against it for the second time with the help of God on his side, and his strength, and of course his positive attitude. VJ was glad to be back in school after he spent times in the hospital. He enjoyed making new friends and learning new things. He passed his examinations and get good grades in his classes. He lead the normal life, until his senior year (2006-2007). In the beginning of his senior year, VJ started not feeling well. This confirmed everybody's worst fear- HIS CANCER HAD CAME BACK. Again, VJ did not let this get to him. He just kept fighting on until he beat this beast. He fought with his strength, his bravery, his courage, his positive attitude and his strong faith in God. In the middle of April, VJ did not return to school...He was in the hospital, recieving more treatments (chemotherapy and radiation). There was a tumor behind his ear, but at this time, his doctor had decided not to operate on it because it was too risky. But still, VJ kept fighting on bravely. He made it to his 18th birthday in June. But approximately two weeks before July ended, VJ's doctor decided to stop chemotherapy treatments because there was too much posion (from chemo) in his body and it was not workable. At that time, VJ was getting worse and also was getting more sicker. Bad luck strike again...He got a second diagnosis of cancer- leukemia because he had chemotherapy for a long time (2nd grade, 7th grade and 12th grade). But still, VJ did not give up, and would keep fighting on with God on his side. SADLY, VJ LOST HIS BATTLE WITH HIS CANCER ON JULY 30TH, 2007 AT 6:15 PM. At least, he went to a better place to be with God forever. He is 100% free from cancer and no more chemo, radiation and surgeries to go through.

I remember the first time I met VJ. It was in the summer of 1999, before I started fourth grade and before VJ started fifth grade, in summer school (before you jump into a conclusion, no, i didn't fail- it was just because my parents thought that it was a good idea for my brothers and I to have a educational time for few weeks instead of slacking off...I know...it sucks lol). At that time, VJ looked so healthy and I didn't know that he was sick. It was when he was in remission. When I entered middle school in seventh grade, it was fifth period... 7th graders' lunch period...also were 8th graders' lunch period. There, I saw him...VJ...I recongized him immediately because I can remember some faces that I know before. But what made me froze is that he was wearing his black cap backward to hide his bald head (he lost his hair from chemotherapy treatment). It hit me so hard that he was a really sick boy with cancer. I remember the first time I talked to him, he was a real nice guy. He was also cool. I'll never forget the day I recieved the new of VJ's death. I remember recieved an email from my friend regarding to join the memorial facebook group that is for VJ. at first, the fb showed the initials name of VJ's name, and i was like, "I do not know anybody whose name is that" I thought for awhile and it HIT ME that it was VJ. When I click that, I found out that he died. As the result, I was so shocked...I still can't believe that he was gone. But it really comforted me a lot that he is in so much better place with no pains. He is 100% free from suffering.

I never forget this dream that invloved VJ. I felt so shocked and did not feel peaceful. Anyways, I prayed that I will get a sign that VJ is 100% fine, no more suffering and is happy. Then I went to bed. Then, I got this dream. I was walking around with one of my friends, Max. A lot of students from HS were in my dream. We were talking, making jokes and walking around. Then, my eyes laid on VJ...At this time, he looked so different..more healthier than before. VJ stared me back too, with a smile. He said, "don't worry...I am fine...I am 100% free and is with God forever". I was so surprised to see him and said to my friend, "Hey Max! Look at VJ!" as I pointed to where VJ was standing. But, Max had this confused face and was like, "where? I don't see him?" Then again, I pointed to the spot where he was standing and I looked again and saw that he wasn't there. Few seconds later, I saw him again and he smiled again." That was the end of my dream because I woke up. I felt peaceful then because I knew now that he is 100% fine and is with God forever. He will wait for his family, and everybody else to join to be with him again one day.

VJ always touched everybody with his courage, bravery and positive attitude. We will never forget his inspiring smile that always brightened our days up. He always made us smile and we will never forget his caring towards other people. VJ taught me a lot of moral lessons and I always wil thank him for that forever. Remember: Even though he lost his battle, he WON the war...The victory now belongs to him forever. God bless his soul...We will miss him always and forever until one day we will join to see him again in Heaven.

Anyways, election is coming up. This sure will be interesting. I will tell everybody who I support for the President of 2009 after who wins the most election votes (McCain or Obama). All of you guys- who do you think is a better choice for President? Giants is getting better...WTF, Yankees did not made into playoffs! THIS SUCKS! I can't believe that Yankees were getting worse now... I seriously hope that Red Sox will not make into play offs or otherwise, I will be VERY VERY PISSED OFF! I hope that Giants will win the superbowl again in 2009. Ok, I'm gonna go to do some hws. Take care! I will update in about few weeks, since I am so busy (I know that I said this often, but just to remind you all why I haven't update that often now). Thanks for reading my entry!


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