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I opened the window and influenza



I don't get ill a lot, so I'm a really bad patient. I know it. I know it like I know the sun rises in the afternoon and sets when it feels like it. Also I'm told 'you're a bad patient' a lot when I'm ill, so it must be true. And who was it that first decided chicken soup was the panacea of all ills? Whoever it was needs to be ... severely reprimanded. Probably Florence Nightingales uncle - who was on his uppers and had a chicken farm.

Fu-Fu-Fu-Flu is not what I was expecting the last time I smooched M. God, I love smooching M. It's just so ... nice! Hmm. Nice isn't the best descriptor. Nice is a bit lame, really. Fantabulous comes closer to the truth of it. Anyway, I've got it and he hasn't, which strikes me as being just a little unfair. Of course I can't prove he gave it to me. I could have got it at Sainsburys, or at any of the shops I've been in, but as I don't go around kissing cashiers at the shops, my bet is M. :dry:

What flu gives me is time to write. 'Ravelled Lives' is finished and nearly edited, and I'm tweaking with 'The First Day' and 'Sancho Shima NaNo', so they might be up before Christmas, too. The very last short from November's insanity is half done, and needs more than a smidgeon of work, as does 'Worth'. Neither are going to see the light of day until they're ready.

So that's me. ARRRRCHOOOOOOO! :icon_rabbit:

Humph. *splutter - cough - sneeze* :stare:

Ave y'all. :icon_rabbit:



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Get well soon, mate! A hot toddy delivered by a hot body, I'm told, works wonders :hug:
Thanks, mate. I'm drinking a home made honey and lemon with a couple of aspirin on the side. Sadly, the delivery method is by mug, not by bf. :(
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Camy, as a veteran of many a flu attack, I suggest you add some chopped fresh ginger to your lemon and honey, just add boiling water and allow it to seep for a couple of minutes.Also of help are zinc tablets and look for a packet of Lo Han Kou Crystals or tea at you local Asian food supplier. (They will have the fresh ginger root too.) This really does help the lungs recover. It also has a side effect that may well please M. :hug: Chewing on the lemon peel itself is good to help control the coughing fits.Of course the old steam and Vick's inhalation is still one of my favourites to help get through the day/night. Don't forget the vitamin C as well. Did I mention that I am a hypochondriac?Hope you feel better soon :hug:

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