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valentine's day, etc




Last weekend, I went home for Valentine's Day. Tara and I had an awesome time on our Valentine's Day. I gave her a Valentine present, which is a necklace, roses with a card in it that includes reasons why I love her. It is kind of pricey, but I paid the necklace with my love. I truly do love her. Why do I love Tara? It is because of her personality, her being who she is, sweet, cute, awesome and more. I may be biased, but she is truly perfect girl that I ever have. Unbelievable that in few months, it will be our first year anniversary. It really amazes me that our relationship are still going strong and well. I guess the way we communicate honestly is the key to a strong relationship along with love for each other.

It sucks that Tara and I don't have same spring break. Oh well... Maybe over spring break, I will probably go to spend a week with Tara at her college. But, I don't know. My college life is going great. My roommates and I have a lot of fun at parties, and etc. We are planning to be roommates again for next year. I'm still getting good grades so far in all of my classes, and hopefully, I'll ace on my final exams which are next week.

Well, it will be almost two months since Saul and Quintin went Home. I never told you guys before but one of my favorite teachers just had passed away on December 27th since her heart stopped working. I really missed her a lot. The last time I saw her was over my Thanksgiving break. But if I am planning to go visit my high school, it will definitely be so hard for me because I lost few people I knew. I remember, I was taking my psychology quiz, and I read one of the questions and it said the name- SAUL. Then, I couldn't think, because I keep rereading "Saul" over again, and I could not let the pain go. I know that I have to let the pain go, but I need some time to let my pain go. Well to be honest, as I read "Saul," I almost cried but I just kept it in. I know for sure that Saul is so incredibly proud of me working so hard in college. He is my friend always, no matter that he isn't here physically. He is alwyas here spiritually.

How is this month going for you? How was Valentine's Day going for you all? Great? Got a love? Tell me about them. :) Ok, I got to go to sleep, so good night, y'all.


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