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Muse vs WoW



My brain is being battered by warfare. Muse - bless his cotton socks - wants to do stuff, but me, I can't seem to get it together. I mean, here I am on the computer, typing. But when it comes to putting words in order that do anything close to telling a tale. Pah. So it's off to bloody (and yes it is bloody with the amount of poor beasties I've slaughtered and skinned) Azeroth.

I have three alliance characters that I'm levelling (don't ask me what it means, 'cause I don't really know). One, a Human Paladin is at level 8 (whoopdeedoo) and is presently dead. My Night Elf Druid (level 5) is also, presently dead, and my weency Gnome Warrior is alive and kicking at level 5.

Credit where credit is due: WoW is great fun, but the hours and hours I spend playing makes me feel oh so bleedin' guilty. I mean to say ... I want to have a legacy of at least a couple of dozen novels ... and an album or two, and I'd quite like to knock up an audio play as well. And yet. And yet ....

What I really need to learn is WoW speak. The forums are ... well, interesting, to say the least. The problem is they seem to speak a language I don't understand. Here's an example:

I always find that late 30's a bind, generally even after determined avoidance of stv I end up there and by 38 all quests are done saving the red elite ones. As for the 40-50 i tend to get to 45 pretty fast and then just go grind timbermaws at 46 until I am at the rep level i want or hit level 50 when its time for the next alt in the rotation.

The grinding rep thing came when I discovered (as you can see from the armoury page for this char and my hunter) trying to grind timbermaw rep at 70 is painful, or at least it was until i found grinding cultists in silithus is even worse (1/4 rep pt per kill :) hard work if you are a recipe collector like my self

If anyone can translate I'd be overjoyed. Okay, so maybe overjoyed is a slight exageration. But interested, at least.

I just have to 'say no'.

"No more WoW! No more!" he said, sweating as Tealshy, the Night Elf, batted his eyes seductively with his 'come hither' look. "I have to write, don't you understand?" Tealshy pouted.

Tum te tum te tum.

Anyway, I'm in the middle of 'The First Term' which is a direct continuation of 'The First Day.' I'm not sure when it's going to be finished, but, WoW permitting, soon.


Camy :icon11:


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I remember my first computer and being totally absorbed (possessed) by playing Wolfenstein.Said the BF, "Can it (the computer) do anything useful?"Eventually after about six months, I discovered CompuServe and that it was possible to download small programs that enhanced the desktop with pretty colours and shapes. What fun! Then came a variety of other games and programs that managed to distract me."Will I ever see you again?" asked the bf.Slowly it started to dawn on me that life was too short to fall for the time wasting that the government and other powers that be had set up to seduce me with computer technology, so I decided to look at porn instead. Five minutes later, I switched it off and went to bed. Somehow in all of that, the game playing had lost its command over me. It had served its purpose of making me familiar with the keyboard and mouse, and now I can type on the keyboard and do lots of useful stuff. Well I think it is useful. :smile: "You've come back to me," said lover-boy."I never left," I replied."Don't bet on it," he said.At least I discovered the off button on the computer.Then came story writing."Look I am writing a story," I told the man in my real life."That's nice dear," he said with a far away look on his face.He just doesn't understand.

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Shrugs, I love my X-Box 360. Does WOW come for that system? Because I don't want to waste precious computer space that is used for writing with games.As for the unknown speak in the above, I went cross-eyed trying to figure it out. Bah. I'll take your level 4 and stroke it until i becomes a level 6, there, all finished.Jason

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I'm currently playing a game called Guild Wars. Everybody I've spoken to in game about WoW agrees that comparing GW to WoW is pretty much like comparing Skill vs Time (WoW being Time). That being said, they're all biased :P... I might consider playing WoW this summer if GW starts dying away. The problem with GW is that, although the skill system and graphics are considerably better, many things have ruined the game. After becoming a 'God' you have pretty much nothing left to do in game. I'm a few hours away from achieving that, so I might give you a nudge in WoW later on (:. Hopefully by then you'll be lvl 70 and can help me work my way from 'n00b' to 'pr0'.Maddy (:

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