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Thank God that this week is over now...




Thank God that this week is over now...This week is the most hardest time for me, in my entire life. All of you know that I mentioned a year ago that my friend was killed in a car accident. It is a year since Saul and Quintin died. I'll never forget them...It is still hard for all of us, because we still can't believe that they are gone, and we won't see them physically ever again... We won't see them growing up and achieve their goals. Well, I went home for the weekend (April 10th - 13th). Well, I went to Saul's gravestone, and we talked and stuff like that. Well...first anniversary is extremely hard. I am not sure if next year, for two years anniversary would be more hard or less hard. R.I.P. SAUL AND QUINTIN APRIL 2008.

I can't wait for the summer to come up! I am going to spend a lot of times with Tara, and her younger brother, Paul, who will be visiting NY from Chicago for the summer. Matt, Ty and I probably take a short road trip...I hope that it happens...It would be so awesome if I spend few days with my brothers ,only.

One of the best things that I am looking foward to is that one of my friends (she is still one of my best friends no matter how far apart we are) is coming to visit LI, since she moved away when we were younger. It sucks a lot that her dad's job moved them to upstate...about 1 and a half to 2 hours away from LI. STUPID JOB HAD TO MOVE THEM TO UPSTATE... It damn sucks a lot that we didn't graduated together last year. She graduated in upstate, we graduated on LI. I remember the first time she told us that she is moving, we were like hoping that she won't move. I was like, "DON'T MOVE, RIDDHI!" It sucked a lot that she moved in the MIDDLE of school year. On her last day of school here, on LI, I told her that I wish that she didn't have to go. Riddhi said that she knew and she also didn't want to go but she can't stay here and she have to go with her family. I remember, when she went to new school and then she called me and told me that she really hated it there because it was so different and weird. But, she got used to it, even though it still felt weird to her. I am glad to know that Riddhi did well in her schools in upstate. I am pretty happy when I first heard that she made a lot of new friends when she first settled there, but it was kind of sad that our friendship was little bit changing, but so far, it is still good. I was pretty sad that we can't able to see each other a lot while we were in middle school and high school, because it was too far away. She came to visited last summer. Last summer was the first time I saw Riddhi after two years of not seeing her in person. It was pretty weird to see her again after a long time. Oh, we did web cam talk, but in actual person to person, it was weird but in a good way. Tara and Riddhi are good friends, too. So yea, Tara is pretty excited to see her again. Riddhi is really excited to see all of us again.

Wow, it will be almost a year since Tara and I are a couple. I look back and I am so damn lucky to have Tara as my girlfriend. Tara is really sweet and awesome. I think you all see why I am in love with Tara. It is not because she is hot, since there is more to it. I love her because of who she is, and her personality is really sweet, she never talk shit about people and she deeply cares about everyone, no matter how horrible they are. I am looking foward to more times with Tara. Well...most people considered Tara and I as a high school sweethearts, even though we just began dating in almost end of our senior year. I am lucky to have Tara and we do truly love each other.

Well, finals are coming up in May, which is coming up soon. I am so fucking excited that my freshman year will be ending soon enough because I like to sleep in, not worrying about going to classes or homeworks or tests. This summer will be going to be awesome! Well, after final exams, that will means PARTY!!! lol.

Ok, I'd better get a head start on my homework, so ciao!

I'm loving the weather now. :) I hate fucking cold in upstate. Upstate winter was the worst thing I ever experienced with. I hate walking to my classes in hard, windy snow. So far, I am loving upstate fall and upstate spring better, obviously. lol.


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