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Frequently Asked Questions

Jason Rimbaud


Frequently Asked Questions

Current Music Selection: Dashboard Confessional

Current State: Five by Five

Current Mood: Expended

Frequently Asked Questions:

In no particular order

1: How old are you?

In gay terms, I?m over the hill and very much the stereotypical Aquarius. This means I?m somewhere between twenty-seven and ninety-nine. But if it counts, I still behave like I?m eighteen.

2: Why aren?t you ever signed on to Yahoo Messenger?

I?ve never been one to go to chat rooms. And before I began posting on Awesome Dude, I never had a reason to sign on to Yahoo Messenger. But now I?ll automatically sign in so if you see me online, I promise I?ll answer all IM?s. Though I can?t promise to engage you in interesting conversation, I?m lacking most times in that department.

3: What do you look like?

The same way you do I guess. I have two eyes, sometimes four depending if I?m wearing my glasses or contacts. My nose has been broken three times though I must admit plastic surgery has done wonders for me and I look decidedly average. I have blue eyes and have been told this is my greatest attribute. I have dark brown hair and much to my chagrin, my hair has been committing suicide lately. (for all of you with thick hair, that means I?m slowly going bald) I?m somewhere between 5?11 and 6? depending on the time of day I measure. My weight fluctuates between 170 and 160, depending on my depression and alcohol intake.

4: Why haven?t you recorded a promo for Awesome Dude Radio?

I hate the way I sound on tape. Usually my mind is running so fast I have trouble articulating my words and typically end up stuttering or mumbling incoherently. And for the most part, my speaking voice resembles the sound a pregnant yak makes during a particular hard birth. The listeners would turn off the radio and never venture back.

5: Why is it, usually in your emails, that you seem to have trouble conveying your thoughts and ideas?

Anti-depressants and alcohol are never a good mix. And according to Daniel, I tend to forget that I already took my pill for the day and end up taking another one, this fucks with me on several levels. Although I must admit, getting the dosage wrong is always an adventure.

6: Are you single?

Yes. I have trouble with intimacy as you probably already surmised by reading my poetry and my blog.

7: Is So Called Chaos your first story?

No, I have written three complete novels over the last five years though no one will ever read them. Believe me, they suck.

8: Why did you post a short story, Moonlight Will Prevail, in your blog? Is this a true to life story?

I guess you could say this story is a ?true story?, it?s just not my true story. I had the pleasure of knowing the protagonist, Angel (though in the story I left out his name) and from the first moment he relayed this story, I knew I had to write it down. I broke it down in ten installments to make it easier to read and to give me the chance to do much needed re-writes. Other than that, I guess I just loved the piece.

9: Are you ever going to put up a picture either on your website or Awesome Dude?

One day I?m sure I?ll finally get a camera and take the time to learn how to up-load pictures. Though I can?t see that happening anytime soon. I?m not fond of cameras, plus, I have this fear of the camera possibly stealing my soul.

10: Have you thought about ?reading/performing? one of your poems to include it on Awesome Dude?

Forgetting about my ?I hate the way I sound on tape? thing, I?ve always considered myself a writer. And though I write about my personal life and allow the readers access into my most private thoughts, the idea of performing scares the hell out of me. And usually, once I write a piece, I?m done with it and off to the next one. I?ll leave that medium to those better suited to it.

11: I see that you mention ?John? frequently in your poems and throughout your blog, is this the same person each time, and, is he a real person or a composite of several past boyfriends?

John is very much a real person. Without giving you the entire sordid history, John and I had a brief but passionate love affair some years ago. This was a period of rampant drug use on both our parts and being we both are highly emotional people, our relationship was quite volatile. I find it therapeutic to write about the experience. If I didn?t, I might just grab a gun and go searching for the little bastard.

12: Is Jason Rimbaud your real name? If not, what is and why did you pick that name to write under?

I chose Jason Rimbaud for two reasons. Arthur Rimbaud, a French poet who?s most famous piece is called, A Season in Hell, had a great impact on my life during my teenage years. And the name Jason, is in reference to a good friend of mine who first encouraged me to find a home online. As for my real name, if you ask polite enough, I just might tell you.

13: I really liked So Called Chaos and A Moment of Clarity, but each time I try to contact you through Awesome Dude, my email is returned. How can I reach you?

Somehow, someway, Awesome Dude and my email address don?t get along. As far as I know, there is no way to remedy this. If you need to contact me, try using Awesome Dude Private Message or send me an email at jasonrimbaud2006@yahoo.com from your personal email account, bypassing Awesome Dude all together. As far as I know, this is the only way.

14: If I send you an excerpt from my story, will you read it and give me your thoughts?

Of course, though I think there are others better suited to this task. I found my current editor by posting a cry for help in the Editor section of Awesome Dude forums. Plus, don?t forget about The Bull Pen, a great place to get feedback from people more talented than I.

15: I?ve enjoyed reading the poems you?ve posted at Awesome Dude. My question is, how long does it take you to write each poem?

Writing times varies but usually I never spend more than an hour actually sitting in front of the computer. Normally I start with a title, usually inspired by music. Once I have the title, I might think about what I want to say for days and in some cases weeks before I ever sit down at the computer. So when I sit down, the piece flows out of me and after tweaking it for a bit, I post it and move on.

16: I see from your blog entries, your almost constant poetry posts, and your running serial novel, that you spend a lot of time writing. Do you write each day or do you write in spurts when the creativity strikes you?

I write each and every day. And usually I spend five or six hours each night in front of the computer writing something. This is a habit I do seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. I have to write, it?s something inside of me I can?t control. I?ve never understood those writers that only write once a week or when the ?muse? strikes. I never sit in front of the computer and stare at a blank screen. If I get stuck on a story I?m writing, I put that story away and move over to one of the other projects I have running. I found that if I take my mind of the story I?m having trouble with and go on to something else, my sub-conscious usually works out the problem for me. Sometimes it takes hours and sometimes it takes day, but during that time, I spend that time writing other things, usually poetry.

17: You?ve said on several occasions that you do not like stories written in the first person, why not?

In my experience, stories that use the ?first? person narrative tend to repeat themselves. The author usually has pages of ?inner dialogue? that tells the action instead of showing the action through character interaction. Or, and this really annoys me, the protagonist, through ?inner dialogue? will explain a trait about a certain character, then in the following paragraph, the protagonist will say the same thing through ?real dialogue? with another character. This happens all the time and it drives me crazy. Though I?ve found exceptions to this rule, and I always give a story a chance even if it is written in the ?first person?. This is my opinion and my personal tastes, nothing more.

18: Who are some of your favorite online authors and what are some of your favorite stories?

I?ve enjoyed stories by Dom Luka, Dan Kirk, Dio, and countless others. Though I must admit, I don?t spend much time reading online stories. I spend way too much time trying to construct my own stories. The above authors, all write in the ?first person? by the way. Laika by elecivil is definitely a favorite of mine and I never miss a post. Again, totally written in the first person. Always exceptions to the rule.

19: I?ve noticed your poetry is on the dark side, why didn?t you submit a story for Halloween?

I never really liked ?horror? stories, or movies for that matter. Plus, I?ve never had an idea dealing with those themes. The closest I?ve ever got was A Moment of Clarity, which is by no means a horror story.

20: I live in the San Francisco area, I love reading your poetry, would it be possible to ever meet you in person?

As flattering as that sounds, I?m afraid the answer is no. I?m really not that interesting to talk to and you never know, I might be some crazy killer just waiting to get you alone. I think it would be best if you?d stay away.


Recommended Comments

That bit of blog was an interesting bit of insight/introspection. :icon6: I promise not to try to meet you in SFCA. BTW, I used to work in the Post Office and people actually address letters that way: SFCA or KCMO or NOLA. It might be okay within the States, but dammit, not when you're mailing internationally. :icon6:

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You didn't answer any of my questions, like: 'how many matching socks do you have?' or 'What colour (color for those without OED's) is your kitchen?' and most importantly 'When it rains frogs, what does this mean?'Miffed. :icon6: Camy

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Camy---obnoxious emuThere was a very good reason I did not answer your questions, Camy. I was waiting until I heard back frommy lawyer. :icon6: You remember why, right? Did you not think I'd find the cameras you peppered myhouse with? I understand the cameras in my room, who wouldn't want to see me dancing around the room in my lucky 49er's underwear. And I can see, if I squint hard enough, the cameras in the bathroom. Boy's and bubble baths go hand in hand. But the camera in my sock drawer, that's just going to fucking far. But for the sake of everyone else, I'll answer the questions you, no doubt, already know the answer too. Matching socks, unlike others I could name, all my socks match, and I have about.........a drawer full. As for the colour/color of my kitchen, I don't think that's any of your business. It's white and blue, 'cause I like emu's. And I do agree, about the frogs that is, and I'll tell you what it means. But not today, you've been a very bad emu and you need to be punished. Jason R.

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Obnoxious and bad? Moi? Oh no, no, no. It's another Emu you're thinking of.---Obnoxious Emu's roam the plainEnquiring about socks and frogs in rainNow they know Jason's kitchen's blueIt's another tick on the listEmus plan to rule the worldThe plan is secret, their flag's still furledNow they know Jason's socks all matchIt's another tick on the list

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Thanks, Jason, that was a very interesting blog entry.Now I just need to put some pressure on Camy. The pictures of you dancing around in your 49ers underwear certainly sound entertaining... :icon6: Graeme

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You see Camy, this is what you start with all your damn cameras. If you sell any pictures,I want some of the profits. You...you...emu...you.Hey Graeme, whatever Camy charges, I'll give you half again better. Plus a live show. :icon6: Go 49er's!!!!!! :icon6: Jason R.

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