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I'm Sorry...

Jason Rimbaud


So the restaurant has been crazy the last few weeks...of course when is it not crazy. In a way, I'm glad people still have disposable income in these tough times and that they still come to my restaurant to spend this disposable income.

But why the fuck do these people with these disposable incomes think they are so much better than the rest of us and insist on treating us like donkey shit eaters. Fine, we don't make as much money as they do, and we don't drive the same kind of cars or walk in the same circles as these elitists. But that doesn't make us the shit that hangs out on the bottom of your shoes that gets casually wiped away by one of your peeps.

We work just as hard as they do, sometimes for long periods and without the lavish vacations. We live on shoe-string budgets that wouldn't pay for their yearly car insurance bills.

I'm sorry you drove all the way down from San Francisco in your gas guzzling SUV and got stuck in traffic for three hours due to a car accident. I'm sorry that when you walked in the door ten minutes before we close and demanded a table for three I told you that we would be needing your order in five minutes as the kitchen will promptly close at 9:30 and all orders must be in before that. I'm sorry we ran out of the halibut ten minutes before we close the restaurant. I'm sorry that at five minutes after ten that you decided to order another entree because you were still hungry. I"m sorry that the kitchen staff had left to go home after working 13 hours to see their already asleep families. I'm sorry that we were so inconsiderate as to close before you were completely finished. I'm sorry that we are nothing but assholes who had forgotten that we only live to serve you.

And we still don't have kill an asshole day yet in America?



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I understand Jason. I have often wondered how Australia doesn't have a DDD, Dead Dipshit Day, too.I invented a term to cover these assholes. Call them Smarns. Sado-masochistic anal retentive necrophiliacs.I always wish them, "good smarning."And of course they have absolutely no idea to what I am referring.One place I worked at, only employed Smarns to fill management positions, so after I told my staff, everyone was soon wishing the managers, "Good Smarning." One of the managers actually called me aside to ask me what smarning meant. I told him it was a term of endearment. He believed me. :wub:

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You're lucky, Jason!I eat out twice a week, mostly. At a variety of restaurants. And I've really noted a falloff in custom. Where there sometimes was a wait before, now most restaurants are mostly empty most of the time, even on Friday and Saturday nights.If you're mostly busier than maggots on a four-day-old carcass, you should be rolling like a pig in shit, with smiles galore. That sure isn't the case in LA. (Colin tells me my analogies tend toward the gross, but what does he know?)But, as to the assholes, the ones you describe certainly deserve that title. When on the few occasion I do go late, close to closing time, I always ask if it's too late, and if they say I have to order quickly, I do. I figure they're doing me a favor by accommodating me, not the other way around. If I don't eat there that night, they won't suffer, but I very well might. Most places close about the same time.Luckily, I don't think there are that many of those sorts of people around. But I never worked directly with the public. Perhaps there are. You'd see it more than I ever did.C

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Cole, don't get me wrong, we have many guests that are polite and thankful for our time and service. But sadly, we don't remember them as vividly as we remember the assholes. You talk to any server, and they will remember the asshole customer that didn't tip for years over the nice polite guy that tipped twenty percent. In my life, I have seen people in the mall and I will immediately remember them from my restaurant three years ago. I just wished, we could actually treat these people how they should be treated and not have to act like we are the assholes. One of these days, I'm just gonna lose it and go off on someone, I just know it.Jason (who has calmed down a bit)

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