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Find and Mount, Undeletes Memories



What can you do when you lose your data on your computer? Here is an answer to such a disaster which embarrassingly, befell me recently. :sad:

I was setting up a new computer for my video store when I was overtaken by frustration, fatigue and fear that I would never finish the task. :omg:

So to liven things up, what other excuse could I possibly have, I went to my own computer opened the windows disk manager and deleted what I thought was a left over partition from when I had the Acronis backup software on the system. I didn't like the software so I had uninstalled it. (Oh the irony of it all). :lol: What I didn't know was, that the Acronis' dedicated partition had then became part of the partition alongside it, so when I deleted it I deleted all my data as well. :sad::omg: All my stories, unfinished manuscripts, essays, tax records, emails, etc., gone~ lost in the bottomless pit of deletion without a warning or confirmation from Windows XP. Thank you very much. :mad:

Slowly the situation dawned on my sentience. :omg::cry: To say I felt devastated, even suicidal at the loss of my tax records, not to mention my stories, is to grossly underestimate the trauma I felt washing over me with a trembling uncertainty of real-time terror.

Not since my first romance broke up had I felt such destabilizing queasiness in the pit of my stomach. I sat looking at the remains of my computer, my lifeline to my ego. :lol:

Fortunately the windows XP operating system was intact being on its own partition. I could even surf the web, though I had none of my bookmarks.

I rang my computer guru friend who told me he would call in a few hours as he might have a program which could help. I Googled the web for undelete programs. So many choices. So many opportunities to make things worse. :sad:

Shattered, I went to bed. :icon11: It was 4am and I didn't trust myself to make sensible decisions at that hour, and I knew I had to be careful; mustn't do anything that could overwrite the files that hopefully were still on the drive.

The following day, having found that it wasn't all a bad dream, I continued looking for undelete programs and after much thought and no sign of the computer guru friend, I decided on a program called Find and Mount, mainly because its name reminded me of my first boyfriend. :huh:

I installed the program and it did indeed find the deleted partition, mounted it, and displayed the results as a read only drive in Windows Explorer. I copied the files to another hard drive I luckily had on hand, and then reformatted the missing partition and copied the files back again. Total restoration of 100gig of data was achieved in just a couple of hours. :wav: I cancelled the computer guru, who was happy not to have to come (a first for him) as he had to attend so many idiots that day. :huh:

It would have taken longer to copy the files and folders as the free version of the software only transfers at 500 KB/second, so I paid the not unreasonable $US 43.95 to purchase Partition Find and Mount, which then transferred as fast as the system would allow. To say I was pleased is an understatement. I haven't been so ecstatic since the first boyfriend and I found each other and explored various mounting partitions, er I mean positions, and we didn't even display the results in any windows.

I need hardly add that I am not associated with the Partition Find and Mount Company except as a happy customer.

I was also happy with the first boyfriend and he didn't charge, but he decided it was necessary to help as many people as he could find and mount.

Luckily I can't delete the fond memories I have of him. :wub:

Partition Find and Mount is a very cool program that lets you safely try it out, even use it, if you don't mind the slower speed.

Highly recommended, like the first boyfriend. :hug:

PS (As for all you people who think I should do a backup, I did that too with the first boyfriend.) :hiya:


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I assume you backed your first boyfriend up against a wall???Glad the computer is restored. I don't care much about your tax records, but your stories are gold bullion. :razz:

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I assume you backed your first boyfriend up against a wall???Glad the computer is restored. I don't care much about your tax records, but your stories are gold bullion. :razz:
No we didn't use a wall like that. He would just inquire as to whether I was back up or not?Thanks Bruin. :hug:
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The advertising tie ins to that software boggle the mind. The humor would be delicious, and the name of the program would become famous. As would the somewhat bewildered fellow browsing through the software store, thinking he had entered a porn shop.No one could do justice to the scrip other than you, Des.C

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