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The drooling idot vs November's pitcher plant.



Yep, it's that time of year again. The end of October approaching Novermber and [drum roll] NaNoWriMo. After last years debacle - well, I suppose I was recording an album ... but that's no excuse - where I failed, I swore I would grow up, become sensible, buy a dressing gown, carpet slippers, a pipe, and retire.

I had a relation who smoked a pipe. Nice chap. My Aunt's husband. The thing was I hardly ever saw him as he was generally surrounded by a cloud of acrid, billowing smoke. So, I don't like pipes (bongs are a different kettle of worms). Pipes are just [shudder] disgusting, so that was out. And, as it's cold here in November, I already have the slippers and dressing gown. Wuzzly warm I am, too!

The bottom line is I am going to write yet another 'novel.' Notice the 'going to.' There's none of that wishy washy 'attempt to write' stuck in there. Positivity! That's the ticket! At least that's what it said on the back of the cereal packet this morning. Hmm.

My big problem is what to write it on. Paper and pen are out. Even if I had decent handwriting you have to send in text to be verified, and a copy typist I'm not. So software. La-di-da, software! But which?

Ywriter 5 is wonderful, as is Writer's Cafe. Page four is excellent too. I have them all and flit between them like a despotic butterfly. Frankly, and here is where the crux of my problem lies, I can't decide on which tool to use (not a word please, Des ;) ).

And now, now I've found Scrivener has been ported to windows! Scrivener which is supposed to be the dogs bollocks.

The very bottom line is that I have just short of a week to write a stonkingly great and stellar outline - the F1 Korean Grand Prix is this weekend, which sadly takes away a chunk of valuable outlining time - and still I can't decide on my implements.

Ah well, such is life. Any helpful, non fatuous advice would be most gratefully received.



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I'm not sure, between pondering exactly what a despotic butterfly would be, and the actual reason anyone would use 'the dog's bollocks' as an nth degree superlative -- oh, wait, excuse me: scrub the apostrophe! -- that I have the wherewithall to actually come up with any non fatuous advice.Fatuous advice I have much of. Too much, really, and would love to hand some out, willy-nilly, just to rid myself of it to leave room for something worthwhile.But non fatuous? You'll have to appeal to some of your more sober and sedulous freinds, I'm afraid.C

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Right away I'm confused by Cole's advice to you, Camy. I had to look sedulous up, and Dictionary.com tells me it comes from the Latin 'sedulus' meaning 'of uncertain origin.' Now who calls friends things like that? What sort of friends does Cole think you have, Camy? Maybe Cole should pay less attention to his willy-nilly. I'd take umbrage, if I were you.

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I can't afford to take umbrage. I suppose I could cozen some, but Shank's tourmaline is far more redolent of what some nimby pronker might have in mind. And as for sober! Pah, hic. Where's the fun in that if you just get to see their willy-nillys?Mad? Moi? I'll have you know that ....Speaking of which: the windows beta of Scrivener is released tomorrow. I'm one excited puppy (woof) emu (squark)!

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I have to take umbrage here. Well, not real umbrage, but spurious umbrage. Which will work just as well.I would never suggest Camy has friends of uncertain origin. Why, that sounds like I'm accusing him of hanging out with aliens or underworld creatures. Now I know he's perfectly capable of writing about critters like that, but I'd never propose that he is as one with them.No, I was using the more common and widely used definition of sedulous, which mean someone assiduous, persistent and careful in how they do things. I might offer 'persnickety' as a synonym. I figured people like that would just be full of fatuous advice.Although, come to think of it, 'of unknown origin' does have a appeal to it. I can think of several people I could apply that to. And the good thing is, they'd never know what I was talking about, and simply smile at me and walk away.Acutally, that happens a lot to me already, and I don't even call anyone that.C

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My word web defines sedulous as "Marked by care and persistent effort"It's the NaNoWriMo that worries me, sounds like a fourth member of the 3 stooges, or somebody at Monty Python dropped the box with all the words in it and can't get them back into the right order.Best of luck Camy.

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