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A Day In the Life...well a day of a person with no life

Jason Rimbaud


5:00AM...M wakes me up by straddling my back and whispering in my ear that he wants me to go running with him

5:15AM...M and I walk out the front door to freezing wet air and head off toward the upcoming sunrise

6:15AM...We walk back inside the house and head toward the shower, we don't make it

6:17AM...M rewards me for running with him

7:04AM...We get in the shower and I thank him for rewarding me

7:43AM...We sit down for breakfast. M gets 2 eggs over easy with coffee and I get a bagel with OJ

7:55AM...M heads off to class and I do the dishes

8:20AM...I get in my car and drive to Millbrae to catch B.A.R.T. train to San Francisco

8:45AM...Get on B.A.R.T. and start checking and replying to work related emails

9:00AM...M sends text and says he's misses me

9:25AM...Get to the restaurant and begin checking the overnight voicemail

9:46AM...Recieve call finalizing cocktail party plans for 6 PM that night for 50 guests

10:00AM...Recieve phone call from a busser who claims he can't come to work

10:01AM...Tell busser to come or else...he claims he tried calling me all morning but I didn't pick up

10:02AM...I call bullshit on his claim as I had been awake since five AM

10:17AM...Send M a text that says...Grrr

10:30AM...Greet and Brief the lunch staff about the days events and specials

11:00AM...Open for lunch and deal with a server "suddenly" becoming ill

11:01AM...Sent server home and I'm not happy as we are booked quite heavily for lunch

11:17AM...Busser shows up to work late we are 17 minutes behind schedule

12:00PM...Order a Chicken Cobb Salad for lunch, can't wait

12:15PM...Homeless crack-head tries to steal food off a table sitting on the patio

12:16PM...Feel a bit better after yelling at the crack-head

1:30PM...Finally get a chance to eat...Chicken Cobb Salad is wilted but tasty

2:00PM...Receive email about last minute changes regarding cocktail party

2:01PM...Push time up to 5PM and change the menu with Chef for cocktail party

2:13PM...M texts he'll be staying at his apartment tonight but he loves me

2:30PM...Was told that "sick" server left to meet one of our chefs for some afternoon delight

2:31PM...Not happy with server or the chef, can't wait until tomorrow's meeting

3:00PM...Sit down with a wine rep and have a tasting for new Pinot Noirs

3:30PM...Surpervise the setting up for the cocktail party and decorate the room

4:00PM...Greet and meet the night shift and brief them on the cocktail party and the night's business

5:00PM...Guests arrive for the cocktail party and the fun begins

5:30PM...Restaurant is full and I jump behind the bar to help bartender make drinks

6:45PM...Finally get a chance to leave the bar and smoke a much needed cigarette

6:45PM...Text M just to say hi

7:30PM...I yell at a server because she forgot to ring the entr?es for a table of five...for twenty minutes

8:00PM...To console the table I buy them a round of drinks and dessert, I think it worked as they left happy

8:07PM...M texts that he's going to bed and that he loves me

8:15PM...D and I begin doing physical end of month inventory on wine, beer, booze

10:00PM...I do all the book keeping for the day's business and send the servers home after a job well done

10:30PM...D and I finish physical inventory and I turn off the lights and lock the doors and head toward B.A.R.T.

10:52PM...Get on train and text M that I love him and goodnight, he doesn't respond

11:29PM...Arrive in Millbrae and walk to my car

11:35PM...After waiting for my car to warm up I start driving home to San Mateo

11:55PM...I walk in my door and see a note on the counter from M

11:55PM...M figured I wouldn't get to eat dinner so he left me a slice of pizza in the fridge

11:56PM...Forgo the pizza and head up the stairs stripping out of my clothes as I head to the shower

12:05AM...Walk into my bedroom and realize that M is curled up with my pillow snoring softly

12:06AM...Stare at M asleep and realize that I can't imagine life without him

12:07AM...I pounce on M and life is perfect

1:00AM...M says he couldn't sleep alone and figured he'd surprise me

1:02AM...M whispers goodnight and moments later he starts snoring softly

1:04AM...I shift to a more comfortable position and set my alarm for 5 AM

1:05AM...I grab my laptop and start typing what will become this Blog Entry

1:31AM...I post this Blog Entry and snuggle up to M's back and drift off to sleep...happy and content


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Do I envy you??? I'd give a lot to have an M of my own... but I couldn't keep up that workload. And, I suspect, neither can you. Des is right, you're working too hard. :sad:

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Enjoy it while it lasts, Jason. You've certainly gone through enough shit for two lifetimes. It's nice you're finally in a good place.I'm really happy for you.Cole

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