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An Amazing Auto Trip

Richard Norway


Don't know why I'm writing this now as I should be in bed getting some much needed sleep. You see, tomorrow I'm going to pack my minivan, get Ray up (he's my 9 year old foster boy) and hit I-25. We're heading for Northern Minnesota. He's so excited that he even had a temper tantrum tonight about getting his things packed (lots of toys, of course).

What an adventure!

You see, my nephew (my brother's boy) is getting married, and my daughter is driving up from Michigan, and she has a 9 year old son (my grandson :D ), and Ray so wants to meet them and play with Joseph (my grandson :D ).

Now here's the kicker. My dad is 91 (and is still planning on going hunting again this Fall, and as all retired people, he has a lot of free time on his hands, so he goes to the casino 2-3 times a week (and never seems to loose, the creep). He has enough points built up that he has purchased us a room at the casino hotel. Now, Ray is not excited about that, but he is excited that the casino hotel has an indoor water park.

We'll be staying in a hotel in Nebraska the first night. and then on to Northern Minnesota the second day. I've already been promised a fishing trip for Walleye on Lake Of The Woods and even a fishing trip on a pontoon boat on the Thief River. Ray's going be loving it.

On the way back to Las Cruces, NM, we're going to stop at Mount Rushmore, SD...blow the kid's mind.

I've contacted Ray's teachers and now have a full set of lessons for him to complete on the drive up and back. The hardest part was getting the judge to agree to my transporting him across state lines. He is a ward of the state, but that came through today. They took their sweet time!

So, now I'm off to bed.



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