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Ho hum.



I'm sad. Occasionally I think of stuff I've read that I'd like to read again. Yesterday I decided I'd like to re-read 'Carrots & Celery' by Karla Schultz. It was one of the first stories I ever read on-line. It's a sweet story that got better and better as she progressed as a writer (she started it at 16). She posted it to Nifty originally and then Gayauthors hosted her - or rather that story.

I couldn't find it. After a fruitless search I eventually discovered she's left the net and had the story - and others she subsequently wrote - removed.


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Yeah, it's a great story. Part of the reason I liked it so much was that the characters liked several movies I like, and I got turned onto - and bought - 'The Princess Bride' an excellent Rob Reiner film.

It's sad she's gone, and sadder that she's removed her fiction - unless, of course, she's got herself published!

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That's odd when people do that. Odder still when the books are unobtainable through any P.O.D. publisher (including through Amazon). They're deluded if they think they're gonna make a lot of money in this market.

I remember the story as being pretty decent, but unfortunately it's not one for which I downloaded and kept a copy.

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Searcing has provided the information that Carrots and Celery may have been continued under the title of Quasi-Gay. In addition Karla wrote another story called The Preppie and the Punk, which at least one person thought was better than Carrots.

The above fits in with my recall and I sort of lost interest when the Carrots and Celery title was continued with chapters called Quasi-Gay.

I think I remember starting Preppie and the Punk, but something happened to stop my pursuing it.

Anyway, all of the above seem to be have taken off the net. So much for the phrase, "Once it's on the Net, it's there forever."

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Quasi-Gay took a couple of the characters from Carrots & Celery and continued their story. It wasn't the continuation of C&C itself.

So much for the phrase, "Once it's on the Net, it's there forever."

Actually, Des, provided it spidered a site when the site or story was complete, the 'wayback machine' at archive.org has pretty much everything since 2002 (or thereabouts).

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I remember reading a few of the first chapters of Carrots and Celery, but somehow lost track of it. What I remember of it was a good story, sweet too.

I'm sorry, though, to hear it and its author are offline.

There are occasionally ah, unpleasant people who make being an online author (gay fiction or otherwise) less than enjoyable, or at times, downright obnoxious or creepy. She might have run afoul of such and had her fill of that. Or personal circumstances might have changed. Or she might have had a falling out with a web host.

Best Wishes, then. -- Good writers tend to, er, write. So perhaps she'll turn up again. -- Carrots and Celery and Turnips? Wait, no, that would be...hmm, could have possibilities. ;) (What? I like turnips now and then.)

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I found this page while trying to find Carrots and Celery online, and I was shocked to find that it was no longer on Nifty. Finding and reading this story when I was younger really helped me come out to myself and understand that I could be happy being gay. :)

Fortunately, the Internet Archive remembers everything. The whole story is still online!

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