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It's people buying Christmas Presents. I have a feeling no-one buys Susan Boyle for themselves, but thinks (without knowing the recipient's musical tastes) that a SuBo album would make a great gift. Not that she doesn't sing well, you understand, but a whole album?Now, the best kind of friend is the one who gives the Coldplay album as a gift. That's a special kind of discerning friend.

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Too late for hints, Bruin. You'll just have to suck it up and write a nice 'Thank You' for the boxed set of Susan Boyle I got you. And for Camy (Amazon ships free for quantity purchases).

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Thank you so much, James, for your thoughtful gift. I'm so glad you got me the Susan Boyle, rather than the Coldplay. Camy got me the Coldplay and I'd have had a duplicate!!!

Now that I know what your musical taste is I know what to send you next year. (Come to think of it, the wrapping paper isn't too badly damaged, I could just parcel it back up and change the tag...)

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It could be worse, I could make a recording of me imitating Susan Boyle.

Umm .... [runs screaming from the room ... last seen flying west.]

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I admire Susan Boyle for her tenacity. I got tired of her singing, though. Sorry, Susan. But keep at it.

I feel sure Des' recording would be more entertaining.

I haven't gotten Mylo Xyloto yet, but I will. I like all their other stuff, among my favorites.

Why can't we hear more of Camy singing and playing, though?

Two thumbs up.

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