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Twelve Years Isn't As Long As You Think

Jason Rimbaud


On September 22nd, 2006, I posted my first Blog entry. It was a tongue-n-cheek entry called Attachment VS No Attachment. It was a parody of my first time being with a boy that wasn't circumcised and the nickname that I was saddled with after telling my group of friends about the encounter. It would be the start of numerous Blog entries that were true to life but made larger than life. I was usually the butte of most of the jokes and sadly, as I look over the Blog entries and the titles, most actually did happen in one form or the other. 

Mainly as I look over the past twelve years, I realized that I had forgotten a good portion of these events as I grew and change my circle of friends. It's strange, things that were so life-changing at the time, barely register in today's happiness.

I long time ago I flirted with the idea of deleting this Blog as I didn't think it represented who I am anymore. I am quite happy I was talked out of it by a past member named Trab.

I have since lost track of Trab but I will forever be grateful to his sage advice. Happy Anniversary to me and to all your Awesome Dudes.



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We're so happy you're still here writing, Jason, but mostly, I'm happy you're happy!  For so long, you weren't; you seemed a lost soul, searching for yourself.  Now, you've found happiness, and that's truly wonderful.  You worked hard to get where you are now, and you deserve every bit of the joy you've discovered in life.


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I've been reading over these Blog entries and I agree with you Cole, so long I wasn't happy and didn't have a clue who I was. The last four years have been some of the best years of my life and I'm happy I'm still around too. Thanks for always being around to offer a kind word or encouragement. You are amazing Mr. Cole.

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ROFLMAO. Me? Sage advice?

Seriously though, thank you. After all these years, your kind comment has encouraged me to pop back in. At least for a quick drop by. 

I'm happy you're happy, and just so you know, I'm independently happy as well. 


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PS, it's "since", not "sense". ROFLMAO at myself. I can't help it, being an aspie. I tried to not do it, but after a lot of agonizing, I came back to 'fix' it for you. 

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2 hours ago, Trab said:

PS, it's "since", not "sense". ROFLMAO at myself. I can't help it, being an aspie. I tried to not do it, but after a lot of agonizing, I came back to 'fix' it for you. 

Hahah, how did I know you would have caught that! I'm glad you got that out of your system Mr. Bart. It's quite nice to hear that you are doing great, I've wondered often about you. Cheers

2 hours ago, Cole Parker said:

Bart!  Amazing!  Hope you stay awhile.



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Hey, I didn't say I was doing well, just that I'm happy. Sadly, I've got very bad arthritis in my knees, making it hard to walk very far. It's not stopping me from going out exploring back roads, but I have a satellite phone with me in case my SUV breaks and I cannot walk out. Truth be told, I also have InReach, and Global's Gen3. In other words, three independent satellite based ways to get help. I've only used the sat phone to call for help after coming across a broken down motorcycle and rider. Some 70 miles off the beaten track in Death Valley. He had no water and nobody had come by in 8 hours of waiting for help. Talk about a happy rider when I came along. With no cell service, he expressed scepticism when I told him I'd call for a tow truck to get him. Yeah for technology. 

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I remember the first time I was lying in bed and sneezed and couldn't walk for two days cause I sneezed my back out. ?

Technology is an amazing thing. At least you can still explore, and have the tools to keep yourself completely safe while doing it. As for saving the motorcycle guy, you are his hero.

Look at you, giving me sage advice all those years ago and now saving wayward humans in the dessert. I can see why you are at least happy. 


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