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  1. Hey, no need to sugarcoat on my account. Rip it apart, crucify it, and leave it for dead on the side of a stetch of highway somewhere if it'll help me improve. The plot I'm working on can't really start until time moves on more in the story - I'll admit, that was due to bad planning, and was one of the main reasons why I did that one-month time jump. Probably sounds like I'm making excuses...because I am, heh. It's pretty much too late to go back and re-vamp this one, but if/when I write something else, I'll be keeping the timetable in mind.
  2. I'm into punk, folk, indie, alternative...lately I've been listening to: Defiance OH, Flogging Molly, Coheed and Cambria, Belle and Sebastian, Desaparecidos, Bright Eyes, Thursday, Xiu Xiu, Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution. I'd suggest checking out Defiance, OH - they're an acoustic folk-punk band. Punk with violin, cello, stand-up bass, etc. Pretty good stuff. Plus, they let you download all their songs for free at their site. http://defianceohio.terrorware.com/audio.php
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    Bail Point

    Some personal bail points of mine: Too many characters, not enough personality: Especially common in the "youth crew" type stories, where there's a whole gang of gay/bi kids and couples. Twelve characters who all speak, act, and look the same can get pretty old, especially if they all start pairing off. I mean, you can only stand to watch so many identical teen couples getting together before you start to think "Hey, this exact same thing happened two chapters ago...why am I taking the time to read it again?" Celebrities/Sci-Fi coming out of nowhere: I've seen a few stories that started out great, completely original, but then all of a sudden, a few chapters in: "You mean that guy from Hanson is your long lost cousin!? And he'll fly us to the set of the new Harry Potter movie in the Millenium Falcon!? *gasp* Look out, SPACE NINJAS!" I've got nothing against Sci-Fi authors and fan-fictionists...it's just that I'd prefer some kind of warning ahead of time. Of course, the ones that other people have mentioned apply to me, too: Too much sex, too much kinkiness, plot lines that don't go anywhere, hospital scenes, etc. However, I can usually look past those. The above two, on the other hand, are immediate bail points for me.
  4. Hey, thanks for the welcome. As for the title, it's not a song or poem reference (that I know of, anyway), but it will have some relevance to the story later on.
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