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  1. I was wondering if anyone else has trouble reaching http://www.gayauthors.org? From my location. it appears as if the nameservers for that domain are down (ns1.unyhosting.com and ns2.unyhosting.com). I can't ping the associated IP addresses either: ns1.unyhosting.com ns2.unyhosting.com gayauthors.org
  2. I really liked "Everything's Jake" too. It is one of the best accounts of this difficult subject I have read: a strong story, without getting gory or preachy. The guys who attempt to help Jake are real people who have their weaknesses too, and not overly saintly as you often see in this type of story. I'd like to read more of Dabeagle and I was pleased to see a new chapter of "Through time" has appeared on http://www.dabeagle.com/. Thank you for keeping up the good work
  3. Pipo


    I for one would like to see you in the authors list of awesomedude.com with some "real" short stories ;) What about Jesse's dad, why does Jesse need to write him letters instead of just telling him stuff? And, did Keith like his valentine? Will he be jealous of Jesse being very friendly with his classmate? Being a jock, could he even admit to himself being jealous? Don't keep us hanging here man! :D
  4. I don't mind it, it is what usually happens on forums. Actually, I can view crvboy without problem again now. But, hey, imagine that it really had gone down unexpectedly, this forum would have been a good place to get useful answers, wouldn't it? I am quite sure that both awesomedude and crvboy are frequented by the same crowd, as the subject matter is very similar.
  5. What happened to www.crvboy.org? That is one of my favorite story sites. I noticed today that the web server gives an invalid response (looking like a blank page in most browsers). Just a temporary malfunction, or are they closed down? Does anybody know more?
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