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The Election and Please Come With Me

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Although it has been mentioned in these forums before, I think it is appropriate, given the outcome of the U.S. election, and with some foreboding to recommend this story of what might happen under an authoritarian state.

Douglas has done a fine job of story telling, I just hope it remains a fiction.


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Dude has put Douglas' story up as one of his Picks from the Past for this month.(Jan17). 

Chilling in its plausibility, the first time I read it was soon after reading Nigel Gordon's 'The Compassionate, The Merciful'. The two together make a powerful reminder that those who claim they have God and Right on their side , probably don't and aren't and are bastardising religion for their own ends.


Nigel's story : http://awesomedude.com/nigel_gordon/compassionate__the_merciful.htm

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