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For all members of the AwesomeDude Forums, including authors and readers, a change has taken place.  When upgrading the AD Forums to IPVision 4.1 I had to choose member log-ins as either Username or Display Name.

For privacy reasons, I chose Display Name as some members had used personal names as their registered Usernames.  So, if you are a member and for some reason have to log in again, please log in with your Display Name instead of your old Username.

Note: at log-in for members the system now asks for Display Name, NOT Username.  If you use your Display Name (just as it appears on the site -including spaces) and your existing password, you should have no problem logging in.

If any of our members have a problem with log-ins, including passwords (forgot yours?) I can work with you on that .. setting a temporary password which you can change in your profile settings.


If you need help, or if you are a guest who wants to join up and are having problems with the system, please email me at dude@awesomedude.com.


Thanks for your patience and cooperation,  Hopefully, we'll have all the tweaks caught up soon - with your help - meanwhile, please keep up with Talon Rider's knowledgeable postings in the Web Wiz Forums.



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