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We are all aware that a new phase of politics has commenced in the U.S., the Trump Times. I almost said Trump Years but I am always hopeful he won't last that long. Not sure I should laugh about it, but here goes:

Decades ago the denial of facts, otherwise known as the truth, was easier to accomplish. Information was shared by the words that appeared in news sources and in books, sometimes days, weeks, and months after the events happened.  Now almost everything that happens is shared almost instantly on such a broad scale. Doesn't mean what  you see in a Twitter is true, but the thoughts are there for a while until challenged.

Our new President to be is an info junkie, and from what I read he seems to believe most everything someone Tweets. His quick responses to anything negative someone posts about the Trump family is indicative of the way The Donald thinks...or doesn't think. Hs own statements often fail to pass the smell test, and he certainly ignores anything he might have said if it is over 24 hours old. This is going to be a major problem.

Speaking about his reactionary brain functions....a look at this new intelligence scandal being proffered for us to consume. Trump in a bedroom romp with naked underage ladies who are engaged in watersports. Disgusting? Certainly would be, if true. Could this be just another taste of Russian meddling? I give you some background from the real news:


  There is a lot of secrecy surrounding Trump's past, and once he occupies the White House he will become a target for all sorts of misinformation. Remember the days when gays were not allowed to participate in our government because we might be blackmailed and end up revealing state secrets? I believe we are going to enter a new phase of spying on our government, only this time the gays won't be the target of anything but discrimination. But just ask The Donald, he'll deny any problems exist...roll the tape. 


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Thanks for the posting, Chris. Sadly it looks more like The Trump Era. Buckle up -- it's going to be a rough ride.

Before we sent our attaches to serve in Moscow in the good old godless commies day, we always gave them the Four-B's briefing to protect them against the most common causes of compromising themselves: Booze, Broads, Boys, and the Black Market. Unfortunately I don't think that video is shown on the SS Trump airplane so it's easy to see how a person with such a - um - 'positive self image' might be in trouble.

Unfortunately, most people won't read the original document ( https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3259984-Trump-Intelligence-Allegations.html ) and will leave it to the pundits to translate. I was amused to see several "news" organizations upset that somebody had the irresponsible audacity to put the full document on the web for mere peons to read without the newspeoples' brilliant interpretation. (And ability to stretch the soundbite into a week or more of coverage.)

A perfect example is the idea that the golden shower ladies were underage. I too heard that on two separate networks. But the original document [p. 2] addresses the incident and identifies them only as prostitutes with no age cited. But that wasn't sufficiently salacious for the press, so they boost it up a notch. They seem to work overtime to make the bad enough even worse.

Film at 11.


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