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Come Away With Me 3


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                                                                                                                         Come Away With Me   



Part 3

It had been over a week since Ethan had seen Michael, and was beginning to wonder if they would ever talk again. He had thought that Michael would ring to apologize but nothing at all had happened, and he himself had felt that as he was not in the wrong he was not going to be the first to phone.

He made his way home from school with Johnny at his side.

“You still seeing Bolton in the evenings Ethan?” Johnny enquired

“No haven’t seen him for over a week.”

“Then why haven’t you been over to visit me in the evenings?”

“Didn’t really feel like it Johnny”

“What’s the reason you haven’t been to see him?”

“No reason just giving it a bit of a rest for the moment.”

“What’s he like to talk to?”

“He’s okay actually quite interesting.”

“Do you like him?

“Yeah, he’s not bad, better than some of those stupid friends he used to have.”

“How come after he had that truce with you he became a bit of a loner?”

“Don’t know, anyway why are you so interested in him all of a sudden?”

“I’m not interested in him just never had a chance like you to talk to him.”

Well I’ve not spoken to him for over a week, and I don’t think I will be speaking to him anytime soon.”

“Have you had an argument with him?

“No, why d’you ask?”

“Because of the way you’re talking and the way you’ve been acting at school for the last ten days.”

“You’re imagining things what’s with you all of a sudden.”

“Okay no need to get your knickers in a twist only asked a simple question.”

“I’m sorry Johnny, see you in school tomorrow.” he turned with Johnny’s goodbyes echoing in his ears into the street that he lived on.


Michael was miserable; he couldn’t understand why he’d got so jealous of Ethan’s friendship with Johnny, causing him to drive Ethan away, and now he had no one that visited him. He’d lost interest in trying to get about on his crutches and constantly made excuses not to. His loss of appetite was soon made apparent in the thinness of his body. His parents noticing his change in character questioned him and were politely told to “Leave me alone.”

In the second week when the situation hadn’t improved they informed the doctor about his condition. The doctor after due consideration told them he’d be around to see the boy after his surgery appointments.

Later in the evening after the doctor had examined Michael he sat discussing the boy’s health with his parents.

“There is nothing medically wrong with Michael,” he said, “his fractures are mending well from what we can see from the last x-rays that were taken, so something must have happened at home to cause this downward trend in his physical well-being.”

“That’s just it doctor we just don’t know what it can be.”

“Have you questioned him on the matter?”

“Yes and we can’t get a thing out of him.”

“What about his friends can’t they find out what the problem is?”

“Well he hasn’t had any visitors not for quite a time. Even before his accident he didn’t get many friends coming around not like he used to have. Then only Ethan Grant visited him while he was in hospital, and only the once on the first day he came home, since then no one has been to visit him.”

“That could well be the problem not having any friends visiting him. I’m not sure what we can do about that, you can’t very well force children to visit, only ask.”

“I’m not too sure that Michael would like us asking boys to visit him doctor, he’s told us on a couple of occasions to leave him alone.”

“Well the only other way to get him to eat would be to threaten him with hospitalisation again, and that’s what I’d better do right now, will you excuse me a minute while I go and speak to him again.”

The doctor knocked and entered Michael’s room.

“I’ve been discussing you’re decline in weight with your parents Michael, and it seems that you just don’t want to cooperate and eat what’s prepared for you. If you continue to eat such minuscule portions of food then the only solution is to enter you into hospital. Then have you fed intravenously until we feel that you can be trusted to eat properly again, do you understand?”

“Do what you want doctor I don’t really care what you do.”

The doctor left the room and confronted the parents again.

“That didn’t seem to have much effect on him, if his appetite doesn’t improve in the next week then let me know and we’ll re-enter him into hospital.”

“Alright doctor and thank you for coming.”


Precisely eight days later Michael Bolton was back in hospital, and promptly put on an intravenous feed his weight was down to 95lbs. he’d lost nearly 55lbs in weight and the doctors were getting concerned about his condition. His parents and younger brother were absolutely distraught not knowing what could cause Michael’s health to deteriorate in this manner.

For the first two days Mrs Bolton stayed and slept in the hospital with Michael, on the third day she went home and Michael’s father took over. After attending to the younger son she drove down to the local supermarket to stock up the groceries for the next few days. Inside she bumped into Ethan’s mother who at once enquired about Michael and how he was doing.”

“He’s back in hospital again.” she replied.

“Oh my goodness whatever happened.”

“Well we don’t know, he just hasn’t been eating and seems to have lost interest in everything, so the doctor re-admitted him to hospital, so they could feed him intravenously and keep him under observation.”

“Oh dear I’m so sorry to hear that Mrs Bolton, I do hope he recovers soon is there anything that I can do to help.”

“No, not really we don’t even know what to do, please excuse me I have to get going and finish my shopping bye for now.”


Ethan’s mother finished her shopping and went home. Later that day when her son returned from school she questioned him.

“You didn’t tell me that Michael was back in Hospital.”

“What,” Ethan shouted absolutely astounded, “Michael in hospital since when?”

“I don’t know I met his mother in the supermarket and she told me. He seems to be quite bad they’ve got him on an intravenous feed at the moment.”

“Oh God, mum you’ve got to take me to the hospital right now.”

“Have your tea first then we can go.”

“No mum right now. I just can’t think of eating after hearing about Michael.”

“Alright get whatever you have to and let’s go.”

“I don’t need anything mum the quicker we get there the better.”

They made their way to the car and within ten minutes were at the hospital and making their way to where Michael was hospitalised. At the entrance to the ward Ethan stopped and looked around, he saw Mr Bolton seated at the side of Michael’s bed that was blocking his vision of Michael. He quietly walked over to stand behind Mr Bolton and looked over to see Michael sleeping. Sensing someone behind him Mr Bolton turned and smiled as he recognised Ethan.

“Come and sit down Ethan there’s a chair there,” he said indicating, “that you can use, draw it up beside me.”

Ethan did as was requested and sat down, “How is he Mr Bolton?”

“No different than when he entered hospital Ethan, we thought that he might decide to start eating properly when he was brought in, but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference to him.”

Has he been sleeping long?”

“About a couple of hours or so. I’m just going to go and have something to drink do you want anything Ethan?”

“No thanks Mr Bolton.”

“Okay see you shortly.”

As soon as Mr Bolton left Ethan stretched his hand out and clasped Michael’s and started gently squeezing it. He felt like he wanted to burst into tears to see his friend looking so sick and weak. He couldn’t believe this was the same Michael that terrorised him now just a shell of his former self. The hand that had hit him a couple of times was now as slim as his own. The thoughts brought the tears that he had managed to hold back earlier flow down his cheeks unchecked. He was so full of his sorrow that he didn’t hear Mr Bolton return till he heard him sit down beside him. Quickly he removed his hand from Michael’s but not before Mr Bolton had seen him clasping his son’s hand.

“Ethan you don’t have to take your hand away. If you feel comfortable holding Michael’s hand then do so. Here you’d better wipe your face,” he said handing him a tissue.

“Thanks Mr Bolton,” Ethan said through his sniffling, “I couldn’t help it when I saw how thin Michael is do you think he’s going to be alright?”

“Yes I think so, the doctors here are very good. I think they’ll get him back on his feet and looking normal again. I saw your mother in the restaurant I asked her to come up as there was only the two of us here so she should soon join us.”

He had hardly finished speaking when Mrs Grant walked into the ward and sucked in her breath on seeing the condition of Michael.

“Whatever caused Michael to relapse to this condition? She enquired of Mr Bolton; “he was getting along fine the last time I saw him.”

“We just don’t know, from the first day he got home he seemed to just go downhill.”

Hearing Mr Blake mention when Michael’s health started to deteriorate Ethan realised that it was the day of their argument, but he couldn’t have taken it so bad his leaving that day, he thought. He couldn’t, Oh God, was he to blame for Michael getting so ill. He hadn’t meant their argument to last as long as it did, he’d felt miserable not being able to talk to him. Please God let him get better, his mind raced and thoughts flew through mind, I promise God, I’ll do my best to behave and I won’t argue with him again, just don’t let him die please God, please.

His thoughts were interrupted as Michael’s eyes opened and focused on his face. Slowly a smile spread across his face, “Ethan,” he whispered.

“Michael, did you have a good sleep.”

“Yeah but if I’d known you were coming I’d have stayed awake.”

“Michael, I’m sorry for walking out on you the day you came home from hospital.”

“Bullshit, it was my fault, I made you leave the only thing was I didn’t know how badly it would effect me.”

Turning to Mr Bolton and his mother Ethan asked if he could talk to Michael in private if they didn’t mind as they had to settle a misunderstanding that they’d had some time ago.”

Sure Ethan.” Mr Bolton said and escorted Mrs Grant out of the ward.

Ethan returned to holding Michaels’s hand then gently squeezing it he smiled and said, “Michael, Johnny, and the others they’re my friends, but you’re not, you’re different you’re more than a friend. I just don’t have words to explain how I feel when I stand beside you, like now holding your hand. At this moment my chest is aching and I want to wrap my arms around you and just squeeze you, I don’t feel like this with my other friends just you Michael you’re something special.”

“I’m sorry for acting like a fool Ethan, and causing everyone so much worry, I really was jealous of Johnny, and thought that he would make you forget me, but now you’ve made me feel like I want to jump out of this bed. Can you come closer and put your arms around me like you said, I need you to hold me for a while.”

The small boy stood up and wrapped his arms around the patient, he managed to get his small arms around Michael only because of his loss of weight.

As Ethan held him, on the spur of the moment Michael turned his head and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Michael will you give over the other kids in the ward can see what you’re doing.”

“Not in the least bit worried about what they think, anyway that was another way of saying thank you.”

“For what?”

“For everything, for telling me how you felt about me for making me feel hungry again, and most of all for just being here with your arms around me.”

Ethan could no longer hold back his feelings after hearing what Michael said, he lowered his lips to Michael’s and pecked him on the lips.

“You boy’s seem to have finished talking I see.”

“Ethan let go of Michael and spun around to see Mr Bolton and his mother standing at the foot of the bed.

“Umm, yes Mr Bolton and Michael is feeling a lot better.”

“Is that’ because you were giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,” he said smiling.

“Umm no, I was just I was umm I.”

“Alright Ethan,” Mr Bolton interrupted his spluttering, “I was just joking I’m sure that Michael was enjoying your administrations on him as I don’t see any signs of disapproval on his face.”

Ethan hung his head and started to leave when Mr Bolton stopped him.

“Don’t leave Ethan, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have made fun of you, Michael needs you so much, just the look in his eyes tells me he’s feeling better because of your presence here.”

“You’re not mad at what you just saw Mr. Bolton.”

“No Ethan, I’m not mad, I’m happy to see my son with a sparkle in his eye again maybe your presence has done him more good than all the medicines.”

“I don’t know about that Mr Bolton, but he did say he was starving not long ago so he must be feeling better, don’t you think?”

Mr Bolton looked at the boy’s upturned enquiring face, “I reckon that’s the best news we’ve heard in quite a few days Ethan,” he said ruffling the boy’s hair, “Now all we have to do is find him some food instead of pumping all that grunge through his veins.”


Michael’s recovery if not spectacular was speedy so that within a couple of days he was allowed home and his parents told to return with him in a months time to have his fractures x-rayed prior to have the plasters removed if the healing process was satisfactory. He was glad to be back home again with the added bonus knowing that Ethan would be around as soon as he could after school. Ethan not wanting to lose Johnny’s friendship told him that after school he would be visiting Michael every day till he was back on his feet. At first Johnny was none too pleased having Michael taking up so much of Ethan’s time but he soon found other friends to spend his evenings with.

The day finally arrived when Michael returned from the hospital minus his arm and leg plasters. The strapping around his rib cage being removed some two weeks earlier. When Ethan made his daily visit after school as he walked into Michael’s room he stopped in his tracks, mouth open. When he found his voice he looked at Michael sitting on the bed with a big grin on his face. Ethan slowly walked over to him and wrapped his arms around Michael laying his head on his chest he mumbled,

“You didn’t tell me you shit.”

“I wanted to surprise you,” encircling his arms around the smaller boy. “Made my mum and dad promise not to tell you even had to threaten Robert with sudden death if he even hinted it to you.”

Kissing the smaller boy on the top of the head, “So what do you think, big improvement eh?”

Ethan didn’t answer with watery eyes he lifted his face to bring their lips together, their tongues sort and found its partner as they revelled in the feelings the kiss brought about.

Breaking the kiss Michael spoke, “Ethan.”


“Will you do me a favour?


“Will you ask your mum if you can sleep here tonight? Its Saturday tomorrow so there’s no school for you.”  

“Okay, but I won’t phone I’ll go home and ask her she’s bound to say yes, then I can pick up my clothes and come straight back.”

“You won’t be long will you?”

“I’ll be so quick my feet won’t touch the ground.” Giving Michael a quick peck on the lips he said, “Bye,” left the room yelling his goodbyes to Michael’s parents as he ran out of the front door.

“Michael, what on earth is going on I just heard Ethan yelling goodbye and the front door slam.”

“It’s okay mum, he’s just gone to ask his mother if he can spend the night here.”

“Oh, and I suppose I’m not to be consulted on this matter.”

“Oops, sorry mum just didn’t think, can he spend the night.”


“Oh Mummmm.”

“Alright I was just joking.”

“Thanks mum.”

An hour later when Ethan hadn’t returned Michael got on the phone to Ethan’s house. After a couple of rings Mrs Grant answered the phone.

“Umm Mrs Grant is Ethan coming over to spend the night?”

“No, I’ve told him that he’s not allowed to sleep at your house, and the less he saw of you the better.”

“What do you mean the less he saw of me.”

“Michael was interrupted by Mrs Grant saying, “Goodbye,” and putting the phone down.

Michael was stunned, he quickly went to his mother and told her what had happened.

“Michael, Mrs Grant is well within her rights to stop her son from seeing whoever she feels is not right for him. I would do the same if I thought that another boy was a bad influence on you.”

“But mum I haven’t done anything bad.”

“Michael your father told me about how he and Mrs Grant found the two of you kissing.”

“Oh but that’s not bad is it.”

“Not in my eyes Michael, but other people don’t see things in the same light. Mrs Grant I suppose was just waiting for you to have your plasters removed to put a stop to your friendship with Ethan. In her eyes because you’re the more physically mature she holds you to blame for what happened, and she doesn’t want Ethan joining you in friendship any longer.”

“Well she can’t stop me from seeing Ethan at school. The term ends next week but after the holiday when I’m fit to go back I’ll see him then.”

“Yes, you can see him then but don’t antagonise Mrs Grant, you’ll only make matters worse.”


Ethan sat opposite his mother in silence.

“I’m doing it for your own good Ethan, he’s a bad influence and he’s corrupting your mind, boys like that should be kept away from the others.”

“He’s not corrupting my mind, I want to be with Michael and be his friend.”

“Yes, I don’t mind you having friends, but kissing other boys.”

“So that’s what it’s all about.” Ethan said interrupting his mother, “Well Michael wasn’t kissing me I was kissing him so you’ve got it all wrong.”

“You never had these kind of thoughts until you met him. You never did any kissing with Johnny did you?”           

“I didn’t have the same feelings for Johnny, like I did for Michael.”

“Look I’m not going to argue with you, you’re not seeing him again and I mean it. Don’t think that you’ll see him in school after the holidays, because I intend changing your school so that will be the end of any relationship with Michael Bolton.”

Ethan stood up stared at his mother then without a word turned his back on her and walked out of the room.


The next day only when she spoke to him did Ethan speak to his mother, at all other times he kept quiet and never instigated any conversation.

Mrs Grant thought that after a few days he’d get over the ban on seeing Michael, and that he would resume talking to her. Three weeks later and the situation was still the same, Ethan only spoke when spoken to, the rest of the time he remained silent or locked away in his room. Eventually she snapped and decided to confront him. Knocking on his door she shouted that she wanted to speak to him downstairs in the sitting room. The moment he walked into the room his mother started her tirade.

“Don’t think by resorting to the silent treatment that you’re going to get me to change my mind. You’re going to a new school and that’s settled, and if you think you can see your friend behind my back think again. If I so much as suspect that you’ve seen him I’ll have the police brought in on the case. They may not be able to do much because of your ages but it will make him out to be the offender. I don’t think the boys in his school will take very kindly to that, if he’s suspected of molesting another boy smaller than himself.”

Ethan looked at his mother in astonishment, he’d not realised to what lengths she’d go to break his friendship with Michael and for the first time in days he decided to answer his mother.

“I never expected you to be so narrow minded, you may be able to stop me from seeing Michael but you will never break the feelings I have for him. You can only have control over me till a certain age then as soon as I am old enough I will leave this house and you. Then I will go to Michael if he still wants me, and you can live your life whichever way you want, but I will not be any part of it.”

When he’d finished talking Ethan turned and walked out of the room and out of the front door.


Hearing the front door close Mrs Grant sat down and burst into tears. She realised that by trying to hold onto her son she had more or less driven him away.

It wasn’t his friendship with Michael that had prompted her to act in the way she did, if it had been a girl she would have found some excuse to break the relationship. She felt that if Ethan were to become too fond of someone whichever sex, that person would replace her in his affections.

She wanted to hold onto him for as long as possible, and was afraid that he would leave her the moment he became emotionally involved with someone else. She’d not expected it to be at such an early age, which had caused her to react the way she did. Friendships she could deal with, but when she saw how her son kissed and looked at Michael she became afraid of the boy that held such a lot of her son’s attention. She had waited till he was out of plaster so that there would be no repeat of the previous incident before acting. But now she realised that what she had done had made matters worse.

She sat and collected her thoughts and made the decision that she could not continue with her present course of action, and when Ethan returned would sit and discuss the matter with him and try and get their lives back to what it used to be.


Ethan meanwhile had walked aimlessly till he found himself at the entrance to the park. Looking around he saw a public telephone, going over to it he inserted 20p and dialled Michael’s number.

“Hello Robert, could you ask Michael to come to the phone please.”

Ethan didn’t have long to wait before Michaels voice was there asking him, “How he was.”

“I’m okay Michael, I don’t have much time, I’m at a public telephone at the entrance to the park so could you meet me here so that we can talk.”

“Okay I’ll be there as fast as my limpy leg will get me there, bye see you in a bit.” and he hung up.

Ethan walked into the park and finding a secluded spot sat down on the grass to wait for Michael. After a while he unclasped his hands from around his knees and lay back closing his eyes.

Ten minutes later he opened his eyes as he felt someone watching him, arching his neck and tilting his head he looked back to see Michael standing looking down at him.

Ethan Jumped up and went over to Michael they held hands and just stood looking at each other till Michael asked,

“What are you doing here?”

“I had an argument with my mum again, she intends sending me to a new school at the beginning of next term.”

“Shit! That’s really being mean, I never thought that she would be like that. So now what do we do. I can’t believe that our friendship can cause your mother so much anger.”

“Well, we can still see each other. We’ll just have to make plans so that she won’t know we’re meeting, because she threatened to call the police, if she found out that I was seeing you behind her back.”

“Bloody Hell! What’s wrong with her Ethan she wasn’t like that before?”

“I’ve no idea she just seems to have lost it and gone off the deep end recently.”

“Okay, I’ll think up something for us and get back to you,” Michael thought for a moment then said, “I’ll get Johnny to deliver the message that way she won’t know.”

He stood clasping the smaller boy to him then nudging the smaller boy on the top of the head said, “Ethan”

“Yeah.” He said looking into Michaels eyes.

“When we’re sixteen your mum can’t stop you from seeing who you wish and you can also leave home, if you have a safe environment to live in.”

“Yeah that’s right.”

“Will you come away with me, we could live together at my parent’s home till we’re old enough to have a place of our own.”

Ethan looked around the park there was no one in sight he leaned upwards and kissed Michael, “Three years seems forever Michael but if I have to wait ten years I’ll wait. Now I had better get home don’t know what my mother is planning next.”

They walked out of the park together then outside reluctantly they went their separate ways.


When he arrived home Ethan opened the door and made for his room. Before he could get to the stairs his mother’s voice rang out.

“Ethan, could you come in here please.”

Reluctantly he turned away from the stairs and made for the sitting room, as he entered his mother looked at him and said,

“I think I had better apologize for the way I’ve behaved and causing us to fall out. I’m sorry Ethan, I never wanted it to be like this but I got frightened that you would get so involved with Michael that I would be left out of your life. It’s not about him being a boy or even if it were a girl I just didn’t want to be left alone.”

Ethan walked over to his mother wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.

“Mum, you never have to fear about me not being part of your life. Even when I was mad with you and no matter what I said, deep down I knew that I could never shut you out.”

Mrs Grant with tears streaming down her cheeks managed to control her voice enough to say, “You’d better go and phone a certain boy and ask him if he wants and if his parents allow him, to come and stay for the weekend.”

“Thanks mum” he said kissing her on the cheek, “you’ll see its much better having two boys in the house instead of one.”

“Yes, and twice as much work now go and make that call.”   

Ethan made his way to the phone and dialled the Bolton’s number Mr Bolton answered the phone.

“Hello Mr Bolton.”

“Ethan how are you?”

“I’m fine Mr Bolton, would it be alright and if Michael is willing for him to spend the weekend at our house, if you and Mrs Bolton are agreeable?”

“I guess it would be alright but hang on a minute I’ll ask him.”

Ethan could hear Mr Bolton shouting to Michael asking him if he wanted to spend the weekend with Ethan. There was no reply until he heard a voice.

“Ethan is that you?”


“My dad’s not having me on.”

“No my mum and I have sorted things out can you come over.”

“Give me five minutes to throw some clothes in a bag and I’ll ask dad to drive me.”

“Okay then get going bye for now.”

“Bye.” And the telephone conversation ended. Ethan went over to his mother and hugged her again, “Thanks a million mum.”

“Ethan we still have to talk at a later date about your feelings for Michael and his for you. When you’re both sure in which direction you want your lives to progress.”

“Yes mum, I think I’m pretty sure now but I’ll wait and see, and I’m sure Michael will have the same outlook.”

Untangling herself from her sons arms she, said, “I’d better get into the kitchen and prepare some food for an evening meal for us I’m sure someone must have got his appetite back now.”

Ethan grinned “Okay mum I’m going outside to wait for Michael.”

While he stood on the pavement looking down the road waiting to see the red Ford come into view he thought, “If it comes into sight by the time I count ten Michael loves me most of all, and forever and ever. One, two, three, four, fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive, annnnnnnnd siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix, annnnnnnnnnnnd, sev, Yeah.”

The car came into sight, as soon as it stopped outside the house Michael was out of the car and hugging Ethan. The boys then turned to Mr Bolton saying goodbye to him as he drove off.

As they walked in the front door Ethan’s mother was there, “Hello Michael come in and leave your bag in the hallway, the two of you go into the sitting room while I go and finish the cooking.

The boys made their way into the room, inside and out of sight of his mother Ethan wrapped his arms around Michael and squeezed then looked up into his face expectantly.


“You know what.”

“I don’t, tell me.”

“Michael will you give over annoying me.”

Smiling Michael lowered his face to bring their lips together. At the first touch they moaned and explored each other’s mouths hungrily, Michael literally lifting Ethan of his feet as he crushed him into his body. Breaking the kiss they stood gazing at each other, “It seems like years since we last did that Ethan, God! How I’ve missed you.”

“Me too, now we don’t have to worry about be separated and thinking what we can do to be together.”


“Uh huh.”

“If your mum had not allowed us to be together would you have come away with me, when you came of age?”

“I don’t know Michael, I was angry at how my mum reacted but deep down I still love her, and I’m not sure that I’d be able to turn my back on her and walk away.” If it had been the other way round would you.”

“Yeah, it’s easier said than done, anyway that’s not an issue anymore,” he lowered his head to bring their lips together again when Ethan’s mother walked in. 

“If you two can stop sucking on each other’s lips for a second maybe you could help lay the table so that we can eat.”

The boys blushing and laughing did what was asked of them. Later after they’d all eaten and cleared the table and watched television for a while the boys after wishing Mrs Grant goodnight made their way to bed.

Upstairs in the privacy of Ethan’s room for the first time they would be able to look upon each other’s naked forms. Surprisingly they were both shy to undress and just stood looking at each other. Michael was the first to speak.



“Are you feeling the same as me?”   

“What are you feeling?”


“No, I’m not nervous, I’m just about pooping myself.”

Michael burst out laughing grabbed Ethan, and swung him around then carried him to the bed gently laying him down and settling down beside him. His arms wrapped around the smaller boy Michael just lay looking into his eyes.


“Michael didn’t answer.

“Michael what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, everything’s right. I’ve been dreaming of this moment so many, many, times and now that it’s here I don’t want it to ever go away. Just lying here with you in my arms feeling your body against mine is the wickedest feeling in the world, except for the other one of course.”

“What other one?”

“You know.”

“I don’t tell me,” Ethan said, bursting into laughter.

“Right I’m not going to tell you I’m going to show you.” Michael pulled the smaller boy into him and started to grind his erection against Ethan’s just as swollen gland.

“You took long enough to show me Thought you were going to talk all night. I’ve been umf,” and Ethan was cut short as Michael’s lips covered his and felt his tongue being caressed by Michael’s.

Michael broke the kiss, “Ethan, let,s get undressed my dick is aching to feel yours against mine without the clothes between us.”

They both got off the bed and started to strip their nervousness gone with the anticipation of what was to come.

They stood naked looking at each other, Michael stepped forward and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and drew him against his body. They shuddered as their bodies made contact and their erections rubbed together. Michael fell back on the bed dragging Ethan with him so that the smaller boy lay on top of him. Their lips came together and eagerly their tongues sort to make contact bringing moans from them as they relished the feelings of pleasure that emanated from the rubbing of their loins and the caressing of their tongues. Suddenly Ethan’s hips started to buck as the he began to near orgasm he ground even harder against Michael’s erection then lifting his head and arching his back he rammed one more time hard against Michael he yelled, “Oh God! Michael, and his hips started jerking uncontrollably as the semen erupted from his loins to spray between them. The sight of Ethan achieving an orgasm, and feeling him shooting his semen between them sent Michael into overdrive. Just as Ethan was nearing the end of his orgasm so Michael exploded, he squeezed the smaller boy into his body yelling, “Oh God! Ethan,” he cried, as his hips started pumping and globs of semen flew out of his penis to mix with Ethan’s deposit.

Minutes later Michael rolled onto his side to ease Ethan’s weight off him. They lay with arms still around each other face to face smiled then brought their lips together in gentle pecks.


“Uh huh.”              

“That was the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever had.”

“God Ethan, I don’t know, wonderful just doesn’t come close to how I felt, and now with you in my arms I don’t ever want it to end.”

“Michael, will you love me forever.”

He looked at the smaller boy and pecked him on the lips “What makes you think that I’m ever going to stop loving you. Have you forgotten what happened to me when I thought you’d left me?”

“I’m really sorry for that. I still feel really bad about it.”

“You shouldn’t it was all my fault for trying to make you do what I wanted and not trusting you. I was so jealous of you I couldn’t stand to think that you’d like anyone else more that you liked me.”

Ethan lifted himself up to look down on Michael, he pushed him onto his back then lay on top of him and brought their lips together. Their tongues united and sent currents of pleasure through their bodies their tongues danced inside their mouths twirling, caressing, thrusting, bringing the very spark of life that lay within them to unite as if they were one.

When the kiss ended Ethan looked at Michael, “Do you still think that I could love anyone more than you?”


Happy and content they lay together arms entwined around each other their eyes beginning to droop as gradually sleep overtook them and they passed into dreamland.





                                                                                                                                                                             The End.       



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