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Because I prefer to read a novel all at once, rather than waiting for installments, I waited until now to read Rivers of the Dead. Wow! Of all the things that Cynus has written so far, I would consider this his magnum opus, a larger-than-life epic that elaborates all the important themes which gave birth to the ancient myths around which this tale is woven. If someone could read only one of Cynus's novels, I would recommend this one.


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As soon as Cynus let us know that the series was available on Amazon.com in a Kindle version, I ordered my copy. I'm glad I have it — it's a story that deserves going back and rereading.

Colin  :icon_geek:

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I appreciate the comments and thank you for reading the story. Also, thank you, Colin for supporting me on Amazon. Peter, this is one of my two stories I think I'd recommend the highest, too, so I'm glad you agree! :)

Here's a bonus comic for your consumption:


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