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  1. PeterSJC

    New for 2021

    OK, I just saw Dude's comment elsewhere, that Canterbury Tales had been re-edited. I would consider that a reason re-serialize. The recycle triangle is a bit confusing, though.
  2. PeterSJC

    New for 2021

    Well, apparently that is having the desired effect, as someone in another forum remarked that they were reading the story for the first time. That said, I have always seen this site as an archive where I can go to re-enjoy treasures from the past, and to which I can point other people to share wonderful stories that I have read, so it is hard for me to see any benefit in taking them away, even temporarily. It seems to me that your "from the past" section accomplishes this without removing anything. But of course it is your judgment call. I do appreciate the site and your labor of love.
  3. I enjoyed [re-]reading the first chapter, which seems pretty similar to the one from a few years ago. I assume there will be revisions in other parts of this collection of stories and would be interested in anything FreeThinker would like to share about what those are.
  4. What a lovely, heart-warming story! The parallel threads (David's relationships with Brian and with Tim) came together in a very satisfying resolution. I think this story is a bit unusual in that all of the villains were off-stage. The characters whom we meet all show a great measure of benevolence, something that contributed to the good feelings I got while reading. Thank you, Nigel, for this nice present to all of your readers.
  5. This boy and his dream of becoming a professional dancer (Univisión, "Primer Impacto", 24 July 2020: https://www.univision.com/shows/primer-impacto/necesita-ayuda-para-cumplir-su-sueno-ser-un-bailarin-profesional-de-ballet) reminds me of some of the best stories I have read here. (Caveat: I make no inference about the boy's sexuality, though some of his bullying schoolmates seem quite willing to make that jump.) (Summary for non-Spanish speakers: 13-year-old boy from a poor rural part of the Dominican Republic creates his own ballet space in an abandoned house and—with the help of YouTube and other Internet resources—learns and practices his art. Univisión is hoping some of its viewers will assist, but that's not why I'm posting this here. Watching him move is a pleasure.)
  6. Great story. As usual, Nigel seems to have done an impeccable job of incorporating events and mores of the time in which it was set. I always find his stories educational.
  7. Having been away from these forums, I was unaware of Chris's passing. His writings have enriched my life. The acuity and warmth with which he portrayed the human condition remains an inspiration to us all. Featuring him here this month is a fitting tribute. I look forward to re-reading some, if not all, of his stories.
  8. This wonderful story brought me to tears, with its bittersweet themes of lost childhood, lost opportunity, a budding romance that never had a chance to blossom into maturity. Bravo!
  9. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/schoolboys-detention-wearing-dresses-year-11-ysgol-gyfun-gymunedol-penweddig-aberystwyth-a8341171.html?amp=&utm_source=quora&utm_medium=referral "Teenage schoolboys who wore mini-dresses on their last day of school were put in detention all day after a teacher took offence. "The Year 11 pupils, aged 15 and 16, squeezed into bodycon dresses which they wore with trainers and sports socks, and posed for a Kim Kardashian-style group picture. "But their antics were met with disapproval from the school, Ysgol Gyfun Gymunedol Penweddig, in Aberystwyth, North Wales, and the 13 boys were put in detention for the day. "The school says pupils were warned their fancy dress party should 'specifically avoid offending other pupils or be seen to offend the wider community'.­"
  10. Kevinchn, I understand that you probably won't see this—because you don't seem to have visited these fora since 2014—but I would like to add my voice to the chorus of thanks and kudos. I am in awe of realism and sensitivity with which you captured Keith's character. If you ever decide to write another story, about autism or any other subject, I hope you will consider submitting it here. At any rate, I consider this story one of the best ones here. peter
  11. Ooooohhhh, so much nicer. Thank you, William! p
  12. Oh, Cool! Thanks! I really appreciate your patient help. I sense and share your frustration. As writers, editors, and user-interface geeks, we are in the business of communication. It's hard for me to tell that the thing that vaguely looks like a squiggle next to the X is a subscript 3. None of those icons, with their elegantly subtle grey scales, is actually legible, IMO. OK, so here is a possible solution: Someone could configure away all of the horrible buttons ...and add a whole bunch of new, cooler buttons! Just a bit of visual artistry plus a SMOP, and it's done! :) [JK. Beating a hasty retreat.] p
  13. Nah, that's how I've been doing it (in Chrome under Windows). But I did find a way that works for me. Right after I paste a link, a message—which I had not previously noticed—pops up, telling me that it is about to embed but giving me a chance to display just the url. p
  14. ... and with a somewhat insincere pre-apology, I'm gonna lay down another link. I find the Only Boys Aloud rendition more moving than the one by Katherine Jenkins, because of the multitude of voices, but all of BGT drama and accolades just distract from the performance, IMO. So, here is a less decorated version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAQzsT_wXVc I've never been to Wales but feel a bit of Cymruphilia, inspired by songs like this and by Brother Hwntw's stories. Huw Jones, whom I haven't gotten to yet, is also on my list. p
  15. Yeah, I shouldn't have used that as an example. I had used Wikipedia as a quick'n'dirty way to infer a usage rule where one might not really exist. It seems to me that the trend in English is for things that were once capitalized to be put in lower case. In the case of the screw head, it was once a trade name of the Phillips Screw Company, which held the patent until it expired in 1966. And as we all know, the current version of any Wikipedia article should not be used as an authority for anything. p
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