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Searching for Him


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This is thus far a fascinating period piece with the advantage of things being seen from an international perspective. Very nicely done. Looking forward to more adventures with a "proper" charming group!

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Gets more and more interesting as we are confronted with what travel by rail must have been like a century or two back. Especially when some foreign dame takes control of the train from the almighty conductor! (Money talks!) One never knows what one might learn around here.

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Sorry to see this journey come to an end.The story is a beautiful way to learn about an earlier time - from steamships and steam locomotives to Prohibition to American theatre and the British way of looking at personal relationships. A truly enjoyable ride.

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Dear Chris,

Sorry I have been so slow to thank you for your nice comments about Searching For Him. I have another story called Jumping Into the Quarry that is currently being uploaded each week. Thought you might be interested.

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