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Up Ship

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Justin and Colin, having been torn from high school to become a king and a champion have many decisions to make as they lead Earth Prime out of its somnolent past.  For example, while skinny dipping in the palace pool, they decided to build a zeppelin thereby launching aviation in their new world.

King's and general's make many decisions for their country, but these decisions are implemented by others.  In order to do a better job of implementation, Corporal Winn is teaching himself not to drop his "h's".

See the 'Hammer of Thor' wielded in the defense of innocence.

And if there can be zeppelins again, why not space ships, too.

But Justin and his lover, Colin, have been born to hereditary positions.  They are happy in each other's arms, but there is the government in the background, worried about succession.  So the heir pressure increases.

Even at official functions such as the first flight of a zeppelin, where bagpipes skirl and the hoi polloi strut their stuff, a boy can admire the perfect curves of his boyfriend's bum.  This too, is part of empire. 

So come along as the adventures begun in 'An Owl on My Sceptre' and the 'Royal Mail Delivers' continue.

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