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Happy Thanksgiving!


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At this time of year when those of us in the USA celebrate the things for which we are thankful, I’d like to express my own appreciation to all of you for your support of AwesomeDude.com.


Next April 3rd, we’ll be celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of our founding.


Thanks to our authors for their excellent stories and the hundreds of hours they dedicate to writing them.


Thanks to our readers who come back week after week and who recommend our site, stories and authors to their friends.


And special thanks to those of you who contribute to the upkeep of the AwesomeDude site.  Paying the hosting fees, domain registrations, forums fees, photo royalties and many other items could put quite a dent in my meager Social Security income, without your help.


So even though it might not be a holiday where you live… Happy Thanksgiving!





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