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There's always a But by Grant Bentley

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Aw... what a delightful story. All too often we don't know ourselves nearly as well as we should. Not that it's relevant to Grant's lovely short story, but I think unhappiness and/or trauma in childhood can often lead to a disconnect so that you can grow up without really knowing yourself. Then you can end up making life decisions that have long term consequences and in later life you might come to realise that you've been living the 'wrong' life!

I'm hoping that doesn't happen now nearly as much as it used to, if only because in many parts of the world young people can contemplate the possibility that they might not be straight, without worrying so much that they might be ostracized.


Grant's beautiful story describes two young people who do work out who they are, even though for one of them it comes as  a surprise!


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