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  1. Name your price, guys, it's pay day!
  2. Glad you liked it, Jason!
  3. Algy's Dream It's a long time since I've read this delightful short story, so I was pleased to see it in Dude's Picks. It's a great, uplifting, coming-of-age story set in the British Boarding School world that's very familiar to me. Highly recommended. (The Story, not the Boarding School...)
  4. πŸ˜„ I was only using that sentence as an illustration of the usage of the word 'proven'. I should have put 'Darwin's' in place of 'The' at the beginning.
  5. Thank you Camy, that's amazing. I've known that poem since studying it at school, but always found it difficult. Michael Sheen brought it to life, made its meaning evident, even obvious.
  6. No it's not your fault, it's my fault. Everything's my fault - the cat told me so.
  7. In the US, the mail is delivered by the US Postal Service. In the UK, the post is delivered by Royal Mail.
  8. (It turns out that both vagueries and vagaries are real words, with similar meanings, so that both, or either, are appropriate for the title of this thread!) It's amazing that sometimes the most peculiar spelling or pronunciation conventions can be so entrenched that I don't even notice them. I only recently noticed how strange is the verb prove. A scientist must prove her theory, a prosecuting counsel must prove the guilt of the defendant, bread dough is left to prove overnight. In British English it's pronounced so that the o sounds like the oo in food. It gets odder: the past participle is not proved, it's proven - and this time the o sounds normally, like owe. "Case not proven!" barked the judge. The theory of Evolution has still not been proven after a hundred years of acceptance. And there's a noun form the word, too, which is proof. And suddenly we have two o's so that the oo sound makes sense, but now the v has changed to an f. Language never ceases to fascinate.
  9. Good old Monty Python. I think the only actual gay participant in that particular GMSUFU parade was the officer, who calls it 'silly' and 'a bit suspect' at the end. Oh, the irony...
  10. I think I had some contact with him, but can't find any trace of it. Was he part of the WWGSS Yahoo Group? I understand Yahoo Groups is no more so that doesn't help.
  11. Cats always know best.
  12. Predatory Shower Curtain Under the shower stream Soaping myself I bend just a little And that’s all it takes. The touch on my arse, So gentle, so creepy, Clammy and clinging Unbidden, unyielding. Out of the shower, I’m towelling dry. But the moment I bend I feel contact so sly. Such a tender caress Might be welcome indeed Were the toucher more man Or the touchee less me. Bruin Fisher
  13. Can someone please explain to me how this 'Gay for Pay' works? I've been doing it my whole life for free, ... like an idiot.
  14. Me too. The cat has a cat flap which she's perfectly capable of using, but she'll sit by the front or back door yowling until I let her out, and then again, sometimes just moments later demanding to be let in. I've even known her to be let in, run straight out of the cat flap and within seconds be sitting by the back door again demanding to be let in - again...
  15. Sorry, would the moderator please delete this thread, I've clearly made a pig's ear of it.
  16. Hmmm... maybe stupidly, I thought to start a thread and post images that made me laugh from the web in it. I've posted one (above) but when I try to reply to the thread with another image, I get a message saying that the 177kb limit would be exceeded and I can't do it. Even if I try to post a picture that's only 80kb. Am I doing something wrong, or is this something that just isn't possible with this software? Maybe I need to post a link to a URL, rather than uploading the image from my local hard drive... The trouble is that I've downloaded the images I wanted to post, and now I can't remember where on the web I found them! Sorry if I'm blundering around here like a newbie!
  17. When we end a call, we 'hang up'. Which goes back to the days of the very early 'candlestick' and similar phones, where you replaced the earpiece into a cradle which 'sagged' with its weight and disconnected the call. Telecoms engineers still talk about 'on hook' and 'off hook' to refer to the status of a line. I love language, where a particular usage has become ingrained and continues to be used when the literal meaning of the words involved are no longer in any way relevant.
  18. I just realised I've posted this before... Proof that I've turned into an old man...
  19. My prostate exam was not a pleasant experience, bent over the side of a gurney, while the doctor prodded around inside me with his finger. When it was over, the doctor left the room and a nurse came in to take blood from me, and spoke three simple words that made my blood run cold... "Who was that?"
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