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Morning Sex

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Morning Sex

John woke up one morning immensely aroused so he turned over to his wife's side of the bed. His wife, Heather, had already awakened though, and she was downstairs preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

Afraid that he might spoil things by getting up, John called his little boy

into he room and asked him to "take this note to your beautiful Mommy."

The note read:

The Tent Pole Is Up, The Canvas Is Spread,

The Hell With Breakfast, Come Back To Bed.

Heather, grinning, answered the note and then asked her son to

"take this to your silly Daddy.

The note read:

Take The Tent Pole Down, Put The Canvas Away,

The Monkey Had A Hemorrhage, No Circus Today.

John read the note and quickly scribbled a reply. Then, he asked his son to take it back to "the lady in the kitchen."

The note read:

The Tent Pole's Still Up, And The Canvas Still Spread,

So Drop What You're Doing, And Come Give Me Some Head.

Laughing, Heather answered the note and then asked her son to "take

this to the poor dude upstairs."

The note read:

I'm Sure That Your Pole's The Best In The Land.

But I'm Busy Right Now, Do It By Hand!

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