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  1. I've not heard anything from him in several years now. I took a chance a couple of years ago and sent an email to a work email on his birthday and got no response.
  2. I think his work has been keeping him busy.
  3. I'm using Firefox and it seems to be okay. The font at the top is a slight shade darker than bars between the replies and still easily seen for me.
  4. That's what I thought also and mentioned it to Mike, Then I thought of checking the Log and found the answer and gave it to Mike.
  5. That's good to hear, Cole. I think the mystery has been solved as I've just sent a reply to Mike with the answer. Don't ask, I won't say.
  6. As I stated in my email reply, I would not do an upgrade without your permission.
  7. I've not had any issues myself yet. One thing that I've noticed, and this might be a skin issue, the avatar seems to have shifted down a bit. Looking at Camy's post, I see his title of AD Author is half covered. So are the other posters. I've also noticed something new. If you look at the avatar, you will see a dot with a shield. Hover your cursor over the dot and it shows you that the person is a Moderator.
  8. Colinian normally takes care of codeys world. I was here earlier in the morning today and had problems getting around. I think Invision Power was having server issues that was creating problems. I was having the same issues at my site, The Talon House. That may have cause some of the link problems. Colinian will check them out.
  9. In my area, for the most part, people are staying home during the week. As soon as Saturday hits, out come the muscle cars and motorcycles for the weekend.
  10. Don't worry Bruin, I caught the joke and had a good chuckle.
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