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The Golden Portifor by Michael Arram

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It is 1690 and the world is at war: the Great Turkish War rumbles on and the Empire has armies in the field in Hungary and in Lombardy and along the Rhine as it fends off the power of Louis XIV. Meanwhile in unaligned Ruritania, young Sergius von Tarlenheim arrives at the royal court to take up a post in the household of the crown prince, Henry of Elphberg, a youth who rather fancies himself as a modern Alexander the Great.

Soon he is caught up conflict on all sides: not just in the wars of his prince and the aspirations of the rival Rothenian power of Glottenburg, but with the ambitions of an English adventurer who knows more about the mysterious death of Serge's grandfather than he should. And unknown to him greater conflicts by far are beginning in the World Beyond fo. r an elf appears on the streets of Strelsau to seek the help of the ragged children of the Conduit.

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