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What's New in Codey's World 01/15/2020

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Baxter ~ Chapter 10 of a Novel by Colin Kelly. Baxter has been waiting fifteen months for someone interested in fostering or adopting him. The problem? He answered 'Yes' to a question when he entered the foster care system.

Inside Information A New Your Story by Altimexis.

From our archive: Stories that we think you'll enjoy reading again — or for the first time.

The Dying Game A Short Story by Colin Kelly. Laura’s having a sleepover with her friend Marti, and as usual they’re playing a game: The Dying Game. Each of them tells a story about someone dying, and the scarier the better. But on this night things get a lot scarier than these two girls ever imagined.

Click here to read the hundreds of serial novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poems on the Codey's World site.


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I think he's just very busy and traveling for him company.  I don't think he's had time to self-edit and post Baxter 11 yet; he hasn't sent me a copy for editing yet, either.

He gets assigned to faraway places to install computer programs, and I'd guess that's the case here.  Probably up north somewhere this time.


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