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  1. They have none of those books at my local L.A. county branch. Could order them, I guess. I've done that in the past.
  2. Ofttimes humor and sarcasm don't translate well over the internet.
  3. And here I thought I was being droll, asking about 'a wool'.
  4. My favorite picture of the set is this one:
  5. Pedro has nine of these up at AD now, and I find them delightful and addictive. Anyone who hasn't partaken in this feast yet, you're missing out! https://awesomedude.com/pedro/the-challenge-that-is-tony/index.htm C
  6. Powerful stuff. I've always loved your writing, James.
  7. Always is a story from Alan worth looking forward to.
  8. Of course I know that I'm keeping the language of my youth alive and well by using it. I usually grin when I write one down. Hey, someone has to do it! We weren't only colorful back then, you could actually understand what the expressions meant. Today? Not so much, and it gets worse every year. I could list a dozen or so expressions or words that are meaningless to me, but I can't remember them! Things like 'woke' and 'gaslighting' and 'ghosting' and, well, that's enough. It's already making me sad. C
  9. Just read this in Mike's picks. Read it before, of course, but it's so good, it was a thrill all over again. I recommend it to everyone here, whether you've read it before or not. https://awesomedude.com/solsticeman/shades_of_gray/index.htm
  10. Everything Doug writes is worth reading. The good news is he's working on something else. All we need is patience.
  11. Is Ngaio Marsh any good? I've seen the books on the shelves but never dabbled myself. And is Marsh a man or woman?
  12. Yikes! War seems to pervade human history. Nationalism and religion may be two of the most prevalent reasons. We seem unable to stop it. C
  13. We can easily skip Hiaasen, Koontz and Child: they're all currently still writing. I just finished a Hiaasen novel last week.
  14. You can't mention them and leave out Earl Stanley Gardner and John MacDonald.
  15. You have your Ulsters, we have our gentle folk who attacked our capital and tried to overthrow our democracy with no idea at all what they'd like to replace it with. Why is this the age of a return to Authoritarianism? We tried that a couple of times in Europe and it didn't work well.
  16. I don't think you really want Maryland back, Camy. Baltimore is located there, and it still might be the murder capital of the U.S. Also, and perhaps more importantly, Maryland may be the worst team in the Big Ten.
  17. What's even more amusing than that is that the UN doesn't recognize the separate countries in the UK while the citizenry does! It's sort of like Iowa deciding it was it's own country and asking for UN recognition. C
  18. Looks to me like that pool could negotiated in about 15 strokes. Trip's dad wants him to be a great swimmer, and it's the one sporting activity that Trip has taken to. Might as well train in a competition pool where he can stretch himself. Besides, think of the effect on visitors who walk out and see a full-sized pool!
  19. Not niggles, just misunderstandings. You just missed the bit where I said his folks have lots of money, good jogs, and wanted a house in which to entertain and make an impression. Sure, it's a huge pool. But in the acreage they have, it fits. C
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