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pre-Fab not = pre-fabulous


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Pre-Fab ≠ Pre-Fabulous!

aka that's not a woody!

Q: What happens when you add a guy who's not too mechanically inclined (read: 0

A: One piece of junk, salvageable, and one frustrated individual.

OK, all it needs (probably) is to unscrew the offending (and offensive) pieces, glue the piece that popped (or pooped) apart, add C-clamps, after buying them, add some putty or glue or nail hole filler, re-screw the pieces together, and let dry.

Why? The tolerances are wrong. The screw hole is too close to two edges, and when the screw went in, it broke the wood. Unattractive on cabinetry. There's no good way to correct it, because there's too great a gap on the edges between the two pieces, so screwing it in tighter only worsens the problem. Yes, I held it together right. It started wrong without me realizing it, and then letting go of the :censored: thing and then trying to correct the problems made it worse. Too bad.

(If you want some fun, insert innuendo about screwing and popping wood and the like, above.)

Sigh. It may not be fixable. I may be out the cost for one CD/DVD rack. Oh well. It's not fine furniture anyway, just a plain pre-fab thing.

I'm irritated. It's just a simple screw up. It has nothing to do with my masculinity, body strength, etc. -- But it's aggravating. It is not fabulous. And I still have discs in (bleh) cardboard boxes.

Meanwhile, I'll probably get another multimedia rack too, and fix this one during the week. (Not today, I don't wanna go out, today's the only day I've been home much all week.)

:grumble: :grrrr: :arrrgh: :cuss: :censored:

Well, I'm going to assemble another couple of ugly metal bookcases. (Read: vent all my frustrations.) These are quasi-temporary, I'll get something nicer later. These aren't easy to screw up, and I've done them often enough.

Yay, a little less clutter, a little more clean, organized neatness.

...Christopher Lowell would be so proud...

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