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Ever need a database but its just too rigid, a spreadsheet just won't do and a word processor isn't right either?

I've discovered a sweet little program called TaoNotes Pro. I am using the freeware version but I plan on buying the whole product.

The best way that I can define TaoNotes is that it is a free-form database capable of being flexible enough to store books, cds, notes, dvds, names, numbers, images- whatever. It's very simple to use and rivals expensive personal information managers and specialty academic software.

Nota Bene and XYwrite have many of these database and note-taking features but they cost ~$500. TaoNotes can export data in MS-Office and HTML formats.

TaoNotes can perform the functions of a lot of different pieces of expensive software- contact management, personal dbms, bibliography, research notes, etc.

I would call it a Swiss army knife for words and information.

Actitrend Software

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